Oklahoma’s Best Curbside Weed Deals

As Coronavirus continues to change life as we know it, health, safety and marijuana are foremost on our minds. This week, The Happy Ogle is featuring the best very deals from shops dope enough to offer curbside pickup.

Fire Leaf – 7 OKC Metro Locations

**Leafly orders and phone orders for curbside pickup** 20% off for new patients, and curbside service at all 7 OKC Metro locations. Special deals this weekend include: 10% off when you order via Leafly Pickup (discount applied upon pickup); Wichita Mountain High 1g carts for $25; Oklahoma Dab Lab concentrates 2 for $65; and 77 Extracts concentrates 3 for $100…all prices OTD! $3 pre-rolls every day.

Pro Tips: 1. Direct your calls and orders to the correct location. 2. Try the Outlaw Edibles Happy Sap (Lemon Lime is the Croctopus‘s favorite flavor)!

Vertica – 2925 Lakeside Dr., OKC

**Weedmaps orders and phone orders with curbside pickup only** Their 10% off happy hour is 8-10 p.m., and new patients get 15% off, which makes their prices very competitive. They have great daily deals, including all 1g carts + concentrates for $45 OTD on Wednesdays and a ‘choose any daily deal’ on Fridays. Their 1,000mg brownie for $94.83 is an epic deal for edible reserves — especially if you consider the discounts.

Ancient Remedies – 1135 W. 15th St., Edmond

**Phone orders for curbside pickup** Becoming legendary, AR has amazing deals like $35 full spectrum 1g carts, pre-rolls as low as $6, three grams shake for $15 OTD, and $38 quarters of Fruity Loops!

Legal Limit – 554 E. Memorial Rd., OKC

**Phone orders for curbside pickup** The juiciest flower deal of the week is:22% THC-tested White Widow or Chemdawg ounces for $125 OTD!

First-time customers get 15% off the entire store. Their nice edibles selection is also well priced.

Mango Cannabis – Tulsa & Edmond Locations

**Weedmaps orders for curbside pickup** They have a deal on EVERYTHING! Some notable deals include: six 1g carts for $100, White Mouss Live Resin at 3g for $100, ounces of flower from $69.99 to $199, $8 pre-rolls, $10 top shelf grams, and the best edible deal right now:

Three 100mg Cheeba Chews for only $45! Holy. Shit.

Living Leaf – 617 N. Broadway, OKC

**Weedmaps orders and phone orders for curbside pickup** First-time patients get 10% off, and they have regular prices that are great, like edibles as low as $5 + eighths as low as $30. While their concentrates are a little pricey, they have a deal for three .5g Sublime carts for $100 right now.

Eden Rose – 3420 N. May Ave., OKC

**Phone orders for curbside pickup** Eden is weathering the storm like a boss with 10% off phone orders for curbside pickup if you sing their jingle:

“Come to the Sonic with the Chronic and let our weed-hops bring your order to you!”

Well, maybe you don’t actually have to sing it. Their deals don’t mess around: 8 pre-rolls for $25; top-shelf eights for $25; 3.5g shatter for $50; and two Eden Rose 1g carts for $50 or ten 1g carts for $200, if you want to stock up.

UWD – Edmond & Norman Locations

**Weedmaps orders and phone orders for curbside pickup** This place is super high quality with a large variety and great prices. As mentioned in last week’s drive-thru deals article, UWD is officially confirmed to be serving high-risk patients from 9-10 a.m. Be kind to mankind and save this time for high-risk and immunocompromised patients.

Special Rules, Special Mention

Project Releaf – 1218 N. Penn, OKC

Open 24/7. Online orders are 10% off, and attentive budtenders are standing by to open doors and offer hand sanitizer to patients. While this isn’t exactly curbside, it’s a nice, no-touch touch, and they are having crazy deals, like live resin grams for $35; two penny pre-rolls + 15% off for all new patients; penny pre-rolls for all online reviews [up to 5!], and a “Golden Ticket” for a $50 credit inside a random pre-roll!


—Stay happy, healthy and high, deal hunters.

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