GMO Cookies: A Strain to Ease the Pain of Isolation?

When the COVID-19 panic first broke out — after that infected douchebag basketball player went and touched all the mics, played with some kids and went to the mall — the people at my work decided to close things down for a bit. I knew there was some trouble and some free time coming, and I decided to hunker down with some good bud for a spell. Unfortunately, that spell started two weeks ago, and Uncle Skunkle was in need of weed. So I ventured out in full don’t-infect-me gear for a re-up.

GMO Cookies

Of the five strains the kind people at Buddies Cannabis Co. (11800 S. May Ave.) hooked me up with, GMO Cookies came out on top…for a variety of surprising reasons. GMO Cookies, by Oklahoma grower Progressive Grow, is an Indica cross between GSC and Chemdog, which also bred the Chemmy Jones joint I had in Colorado — so I was excited to try this strain — especially since it tested at 26.40% THC!

GMO Cookies by Progressive Grow

The b-e-a-utiful buds were covered in the silver shimmer of weed sugar, which alternated with patches of dark and light greens with undertones of a blueish-purple hue and abundant red hairs of high goodness.

The buds varied in size, which I like; I hate it when they’re all small and feel guilty when breaking up perfect huge nugs, for some reason. The breakup was on par with most buds and came apart nicely without turning to dust. The chipped up little bits burned evenly in my bong and didn’t get stuck in chunky bits that clump and burn obnoxiously with acrid smoke.

The budtender told me this one had a kinda funky smell to it but that he dug it, and I like weird. This strain is also known as “Garlic Cookies,” and Mama Mia did it sure smell like a piece of garlic bread from Spaghetti Warehouse (RIP)! Now, at first I thought it might not go over well. But as I sniffed the jar and my fingers more, the ideas of a wonderfully extravagant Italian dinner made with mushrooms and onions sat before me. With just light hints of herb and cheese smells, this strain really got my taste buds excited.


As I lit up, the smoke kind of felt thick like a Fettuccine Alfredo and tasted of that wonderful mix of spices and aromas we’ve all come to enjoy with a bottle of wine and a moon hitting your eye. I experienced the taste as a decadent, delicious dinner at a sidewalk cafe under an Italian sunset. Pre-Coronavirus.

The medicinal qualities of this herb are known for the ability to ease your pain without sedating you in any way. Fact! It helped me become pain-free enough to get off my couch, stop playing Animal Crossing and go outside to construct a Frisbee Golf Course out of tomato cages…and still have the energy to play two rounds with Auntie and Cousin Skunk!

Even though this batch has a fairly high THC percentage, it is a clear high that helped me relax and have fun after staying at the house for so long. Looking at the back yard and the garden we’ve been working on and sweating in for the past two weeks really put things in a new light and put me in a better mindset. My experience with GMO Cookies is a testament to why dispensaries are deemed to be “essential” businesses.


4 out of 5 Skunks! ????

The unique smell and flavor — accompanied with the pain relief powers that got my creative juices flowing and got me out having fun with the people I love —  coupled with the switch to a powerful, positive mindset really shows what a good strain with concentrated effects can do for patients.

Maybe we need to look at our current global situation in the same transformative light…take this time at home to heal wounds that normally only get a short once-over in our usually busy lives. Stay safe. Stay inside, look inside.

—Uncle Skunk has played a lot of solo hackysack lately.

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