Mimosa Shake: Oklahoma Weed Snobs & Penny-Pinchers Unite!

Oklahoma-grown Mimosa shake

If you’re anything like everyone I know, your wallet could use a serious break. That’s why this week we are reviewing shake! To the weed snobs out there giving your heads a shake at the mention of shake, this one might surprise you…

Mimosa Shake Review

Have we mentioned this is shake? So don’t expect to put this in your pipe and get higher than you’ve ever been off of some dense calyxes. But was this the best shake I’ve ever had? Yes. And by far. Spoiler alert: I got an ounce for less than $50, with my new-patient and reviewer discounts.

We put it in our pipe for testing, but, if you’re not writing a review about it, the best way to consume shake is dry vaping or making concentrates or edibles. Even so, my friends and I still got way faded off a weakly-packed jay I rolled of this stuff. Surprise!


The Mimosa shake I smoked was grown by New Leaf Medicinals and was recommended by the budtender at MediCann – OK in Bethany. Damn was it a good recommendation! I didn’t expect a whole lot, but what I found was a gold mine! Each leaf was covered from top to bottom with trichomes; there were hardly any stems, no seeds and plenty of actual juicy buds slipped into their pleasant packaging.

Front and back of a Mimosa leaf covered in trichomes [This is what good shake looks like]

That’s right. You heard correctly, no seeds! That is almost a statistical impossibility with shake as far as I am concerned, but they broke the math barrier. This is a Volcano-user, cannabutter- and concentrate-maker’s dream. I picked up a few other things while I was there, but the Mimosa definitely stood on top as the best shake I have had in my life.

Smell + Taste

It smelled like a lemon orchard and very fresh. It must have been from a recent grow. The taste was very mossy and dank with that familiar blade of grass flavor, but only a hint. The taste was actually excellent and there was no bitter sting aftertaste. This taste adds even more to a completely perfect edible choice.

The smoke was very light and smooth as well, with a very plain, almost strangely nonexistent flavor.


Sticky. My whole finger was covered in sap-like resin just from putting it in the bowl.

This strain whisked away my worries and actually allowed me to be quite productive. The body high was not too bad either, with a wave of good feelings creeping up about ten minutes in. Mimosa is absolutely my go-to feel-good strain now. While it did not give much in the way of a creative new perspective, it did make me feel a lot more comfortable with my current one.



The creep on this one had a nice pain dissonance for a moment, but nothing too significant. You might have a sudden urge to walk outside or sit down like I did though, so the creep is definitely noteworthy.

Personal Bud Effects Scoring

Pain: 6/10

Creativity: 3/10

Brain: 10/10

Productivity: 9/10

Overall Shake Rating


I was mega impressed — this shake will be very tough to beat. The Mimosa was brought to its best potential so much so that even the leftovers had a lot to show for it! The growers at New Leaf Medicinals just proved to me that sometimes shake is danker than flower in the jar.

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