Oklahoma Weed Deals Ablaze!

This week, we have some of the best deals ever seen! No hyperbole. With the hallowed 420 just around the corner, Oklahoma’s cannabis scene is on fire — and we’re ready to stoke it and smoke it! It’s a heated competition for the best weed deals; may the odds be ever in your favor.

But before we get into the weeds, we want to give a shout-out to Fire Leaf Dispensary for the work they’re doing in our community right now. On Thursdays and Fridays through March 17, they will feed anyone in need — passing out free lunches from 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. For a full schedule, give their Facebook Page a Like + Follow.

Weed Deals

Stability Cannabis – 1043 S. Meridian, OKC
These guys are celebrating 420 with 20 Days of Cannabis…all month long. Deals this weekend $10 off any $25+ purchase (4/10!) and a penny hempwrap with any $25+ purchase (4/11). First-timers get a coupon for 50% off up to $100 on flower, Perfect Ratio concentrates and pre-rolls (to be used on return visit within 10 days).

MediCann – OK – 8302 NW 39th Expy., Bethany
Home to some of Oklahoma’s highest quality shake, where you can mix and match half-ounces for $30 OTD. All prices are OTD and they have $15 eighths, $99 “popcorn bud” ounces, 3.5g shatter for $60, and wax at $20 a gram.

Origins Cannabis – 2410 N. Meridian, OKC
Choose from one of their dank, house-grown premium strains: An eighth in an actual fucking glass jar for only $20! Their quality is top-notch and highly recommended, with another great deal for 150mg gummies for $10 or a gram of sugar wax for $30. These deals end April 11th.

A-Plus – 10330 E. 21st., Tulsa
They are doing 420 sales all month long and have some very notable ones. Their deals include shake ounces for a whopping $35! Their top shelf is 25% off, and they have ounces as low as $75. Veterans get 25% off.

Eden Rose – 3420 N. May, OKC
First-time patients still get a penny pre-roll, but their new deals are dope AF, including 1g top-shelf shatter for $25 or 3.5g for $60! They even have 1g diamonds for $20 or 3.5g for $50. All top-shelf flower is $25 an eighth. Also on sale: Two 1g carts for $50.

Capital Dank – 301 S. Air Depot, Midwest City
Still has their regular insane sales, like six 1g carts or wax as low as $100.

American Cannabis Co. 6600 S. Western #A, OKC
This shop has a great 420 sale starting this week.$100 ounces or 400mg edibles for only $20! They also have a huge concentrates sale, including 5g of a variety of concentrates for $100 and even more concentrates at $25 for a gram — and that includes diamonds! New patients get free chillums.

High Society – 935 SE 66th, OKC
They are open 24/7 and have mind-boggling deals, like 6g shatter for $100 and 3 for $50 on a great variety of 100mg edibles,including the ever-coveted Cheeba Chews and Smokiez, a vegan-friendly brand. A large selection of vape carts are five 1g carts for just $100. New patients get 20% off…and 25% off when they return. Smart.

Accessory Deals

Cream City Vape Website only for home delivery
If you were wanting a dope vape, now is the time. This vapetastic website is having a huge 420 vape and dab rig online blowout sale with vapes as low as $15 or a quality dab rig Puffco Peak for only $220 with code Vspeak. They have super high-tech vape rigs, including ceramic heating elements and glass stems with the Arizer Air Vaporizer series as low as $85 with code CCVAIR. They even have brand-new Volcano Classics for only $383.20 right now. These sales are only while supplies last, and you can use the code 420 for 20% off just about every item in the shop.

—Stay safe. Stay high. Stay Happy. ♥

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