7 Nights of 4/20: Flicks-and-Food, #Stayhome OKC Style

The year 2020 was supposed to play host to the most epic 4/20 ever. Oklahoma is somehow the marijuana capital of the Midwest! Glorious events were planned all over our half-baked city! But Coronavirus is upon us, and now we must adjust. Pivot, people.

You’ll need a proper stash to get through all seven nights of our countdown to the big day. Stability Cannabis is celebrating 420 with 20 Days of Cannabis all month long and an ounce deal that will fix you right up. They have curbside pickup, so you can get your week’s worth of goods in one socially responsible stop.

7 Nights of 4/20: Flicks-and-Food

Supplies in order, here’s your itinerary for the week, kiddies. Time to celebrate the best holiday in April the best way we know how right now — getting high, watching the television and supporting local restaurants.

Monday – 4/13

Start the week off right: Have a Sausage Party Movie Night©! The Legend of 420 is a Netflix documentary that makes me cry the first 5-10 minutes and then laugh…a lot! Watch it. There’s a good mix of history; it follows the path of decriminalization; and it throws in a random mix of stand up comedy. The comedy is all pot-based and hilarious. Get the ‘sausage party’ part right by Grub Hubbing Fassler Hall’s ‘Feed the Family’ feast ($35).

Tuesday – 4/14

Bert is a big boy and a bad dad who likes to party. Hey Big Boy is the newest of his Netflix specials. The other two are also worth a watch, but this one had me so breathless with laughter I couldn’t even use my weed inhaler! Bert talks about how bad of a parent he is, being a bad gun owner…and his own dad doing pot. Never does he explain why he is not wearing a shirt. I think you’re supposed to do Taco Tuesday – let Revolucion do the work.

Wednesday – 4/15

Making it to the middle of the week is pretty tough these days, especially when you can’t honestly be sure what day it is. Ted can help. Fuck it…420 overachievers can also watch Ted 2. Quarantine would be a hell of a lot more interesting, if I had a talking bear to get high with. A load of burgers from New State would make the night perfect.

Thursday – 4/16

Grass is Greener takes a look at how the US criminalized marijuana, which was considered a healthy plant at the time, in order to keep white women away from black men…in part. This was seen heavily in the music industry. Some dudes named Snoop Dogg and B-Real are in this Netlix documentary. A big, comforting ‘Macaroni Pony’ from The Mule is needed for this one — add a side of Poutine.

Friday – 4/17

I will not apologize for making the obvious choice, here — it is fun and relaxing. Especially when your world is in chaos, like it is now. You ain’t got no job…you ain’t got shit to do…get high and watch Friday on Friday. I can’t think of a single good reason not to. Order a metric ton of pizza from Empire Slice House and watch all four or however many there are.

Saturday – 4/18

If this “distance learning” stuff has made you feel exhausted and incompetent, you deserve a break. Watch Dave Chappelle Sticks & Stones, the Netflix special that won him a goddamn Grammy. You won’t regret it. Overachievers, watch all of his Nexflix shows, including the new Mark Twain special. His standup is genius and had me in tears. He is also very deep. We’ll eat the leftover Empire pizza for dinner and let Just Desserts OKC deliver pints of ice cream for everyone!

Sunday – 4/19

Too soon for This Is The End? Maybe I have a dark sense of humor, but I find this movie the perfect way to round out the week. While ‘Rona reeks havoc on our world in real life, a mysterious monster reeks havoc on poor James and Seth’s party. If this actually is the end, I’m tearing my way through all five appetizers from McNellie’s.

You’ll have to figure out how to celebrate the big day, 4/20/2020, on your own. I can count you down, but how you celebrate 420 is as deeply personal as religion (hell, it may be your only religion)! Whatever you do, do it with love and laughing grass.

—Weed Mom ain’t got no job, Oklahoma Unemployment Security Commission, please process my claim!

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