Epic Guide to Oklahoma’s 420 Weekend Weed Deals

The sacred 420 holiday is just around the corner, and the deals have never been better. Oklahoma dispensaries are celebrating with a ton of creative deals this week — so let’s get to it! We searched low and very high to curate a lineup of the very best weed deals this holy 420 holiday weekend.

 420 Deals

Higher Health – 26428 E. Hwy 125, Afton

?Top 420 deal alert!?

Through April 23, everything is tax-included and also 20% off. Deals include 1g crumble for $20, 6g for $100, 1g vapes for $25, and every shelf flower grams at $5!

Stability Cannabis – 1043 S. Meridian, OKC
This shop is celebrating 420 with 20 Days of Cannabis…all month long. But, TODAY ONLY (Friday, April 17), all Perfect Ratio Shatter (tested at 72% THC) is only $15 per gram or $420 per oz OTD. And on 4/20, the deals get dangerous:

Origins Cannabis – Three OKC Metro locations
These guys have some of the ? TOP 420 DEALS ? running through Monday, including 3.5g premium flower for $16, ounces as low as $65, 1g vape carts as low as $12, and other concentrates as low as $15. Frankly, there are too many great deals to list! Despite low prices, their sun-grown flower, which I recently reviewed, is royally dank.

The Yellow House – 3215 S. Boomer Rd., Stillwater
The Yellow House is at it again with multiple penny “Giveaways” on 4/20 like an entire Cannabis plant! Their two other mystery penny “giveaways haven’t been announced yet, but top-shelf is only $10 a gram OTD and all new patients still get a whole quarter of organic top-shelf for only $35!

Fire Leaf7 OKC Metro locations
Notable deals include $25 1g carts, $3 pre-rolls and a fun 420 Survival Box. Happy Ogle readers even get a sneak preview of their 420 bonanza of deals and packages.

Sacred Buds721 S. Main St., Stillwater
A new shop springing up outta nowhere, they have great bulk 420 deals, like three ounces of platinum shelf for $420 — including coveted strains like Sour Diesel, White Widow and Strawberry Cough. Four 1.5g pre-rolls are $20, and five grams of shatter, carts, or live resin is only $100 OTD!

Doctor Green3232 E. 15th St., Tulsa
Expect OTD pricing on everything as well as great deals, like eighths for $25 and BOGO 50% on a delicious variety of perfectly well-priced edibles, like 100mg cookies for $7. 

Mango Cannabis – 16309 N. Santa Fe #B, Edmond
Another  ? TOP 420 Contender ? this week has Always Good 100mg gummies for $4.99 or ten 1g carts for only $100! Their deal list is too long to cover, with some of the absolute best prices on three or more different versions of anything and everything. It’s wild!

Heartland 4001 Tinker Diagonal #D, Del City
Deals are full of heart here, with $5 off call-ahead ordering, and first-time patients get a free gram. On April 20th from 11 a.m. – 6 p.m. it’s a “420 Curbside Car Party,” where everyone gets a free goodie bag with purchase…some bags randomly include dank prizes!

The Peak 222 E. Sheridan #2, OKC
We have another Grand Opening! Through April 19, there is 20% off the entire store, free batteries with vape purchase, free lighters with flower purchase and a raffle giveaway for a Puffco Peak!

—Stay safe, and have a Happy 420! 

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