Oklahoma Strain Review: Good Ol’ Trainwreck

Like Trever said, I’ve gone through my ‘mergency MJ stash two times over, so I decided to make this weed run a little special. I headed off to my little hometown of Blanchard, Oklahoma, USA to see what kind, if any, of pot shops had opened up. It was super Christian and super conservative when I lived there, but I knew deep in my heart that some brave ganjanaut had probably opened a store.

Boy howdy was I ever happy with what I found, ending up at Dank’s Wellness Emporium, which was one of the three dispensaries in Blanchard! The store was long, narrow and well-stocked, with both puff and piece to purchase. I ended up leaving with some good ol’ Trainwreck by Oklahoma Medical Growers — a strain I find to be some of the best start-your-day weed for my personal wake-and-bake.

Hello, Trainwreck.

Trainwreck by Oklahoma Medical Growers

Big, bright, beautiful buds came out of the jar when I got home and began inspecting them. Lovely trichomatic shimmers upon a bright green bed of lovely leaves, perfect for pictures! Telltale hairs with little to no stem. All these boxes need to be checked to pass my budometer and make it onto my tray for breaking up. This did exceptionally well. The first night I got it it was a little sticky icky, so I left the jar open overnight, and the next morning it had dried ever so slightly and allowed for the perfect breakup.


I love a good lemon bar or lemon-peppered chicken, and this strain captures the subtle scent of lemon that expert chefs masterfully blend into a dish. While some strains can be overly aggressive with the lemon smell, leaving a sour taste in my nose, this one blends into a peppery lemon spiced scent that won’t get you sneezing. Happy, bright notes like sunshine waft in and remind you it’s going to be another beautiful day.


Loading up ol’ reliable, I inhaled a remarkably neutral hit. Nothing that popped out like usual, which surprised me — could it be that it only smelled good? I tried again, this time exhaling through my nose, and that sent my sniffer soaring! A light, peppery citrus scent came out my nose holes and put a smile on my face, not a harsh, lemon Pledge taste that can sometimes happen. Truly, you’ve got to smoke different ways to get the best of each strain, kind of like choosing the right beer glass.


This is a high functioning weed! I smoke a bowl while I drink my coffee, shit and get ready for an hour-long Zoom meeting that runs 30 minutes, over followed by hour-long sessions with individual people at the same time as I finish my own work load…all while having my brain spin at 10 times its normal speed. I’m talking like the high babble that some people get off a strong sativa but with none of the conspiracy theories and tangents normally associated with it. Just a pure frenzied focus that, when it finishes, you look back and say, “got er dun.”


4 out of 5 Skunks! ????

This strain has a wake-up factor on par with any other strong sativa, like Green Crack, but without the overly manic energy that can turn to the paranoid psycho babble some people get with these sativa dominant strains. I highly recommend Trainwreck to help you stay focused and power through those afternoon meetings or just give you some extra energy to get up and take a walk. Put on some tunes and groove the work-at-home day away…until it gets to be beer and indica o’clock.

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