Indulgent Ways to Stone Boredom During Quarantine

Between the incredible deals this past 4/20 weekend and constantly misjudging the amount of cannabis it takes for me to successfully “stock up,” I’ve found myself with both excessive amounts of cannabis and time.

I am all about being frugal, but what is life without some excess! So here are a few indulgent ways to use your cannabis while stuck at home — treat yo self!

Roll a Cross Joint

Maybe quarantine has you feeling spiritual, or maybe you’ve perfected your joint rolling technique so well that you now feel the need to venture out into the excessive realm of niche rolling. Whatever the reason, rolling a cross joint is sure to keep you entertained!

Gaining popularity in Pineapple Express, a cross joint involves rolling two separate joints, burrowing a hole in one of the joints and shoving the other joint through the hole and creating a singular air path of religious symbolism and absurd cannabis consumption.

Light all three ends at the same time and get high enough to get to heaven without the dying part!

Make a Blunt Pipe

This absurd monstrosity of a creation is what inspired this article. It seems that last night my brother was clearly in a state of having too much free time and cannabis on his hands. He told me he did something special and sent me a photo of this:

Pipe porn by Trever’s ingenious brother

Now, blunts are by far not the most medicinal way to consume your cannabis, but when you are presented a blunt that uses excess paper to create a bowl filled with a gram of moon rocks, it is an extra way to consume your cannabis!

Constructing this thing will have you occupied for hours alone, and smoking it will have you not remembering the next several hours after!

Whip up Some Edibles

Even in this incredible environment of cannabis aplenty, when it comes in more varieties than you can name, nothing is quite like making your own edibles! If you have an extra gram or two — and about a half hour to kill — making a batch of firecrackers could be the way to go!

The possibilities are endless, but if you need some suggestions, our friend the Croctopus has given us a ton of recipes to try during this incredibly boring, forced vacation.

Waste Some Wax

Generally, the only way I consume concentrates is with a dab rig. I find any other method wasteful. However, this article is about being stuck at home and bored with an excess of cannabis, so throw some of your wax or shatter into a joint and have the best, most wasteful joint you’ve ever had! I’ve done this a few times and while it may not be efficient, it is fun!

If you don’t wanna be that careless with your stash, throwing some of your concentrates directly on a bowl of flower is also a viable option! Either way, your flower will be super charged and now you’ll still probably be bored after, but at least you’ll be super high!

It’s not often I’ll tell you to waste some of your cannabis. But if you, like most of us, are stuck at home doing your part to keep us all as safe as possible, then you deserve some excess. Be safe folks!

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