Weed Deals to Celebrate 420 All Month Long

Even though April 20th has passed, every day is 420 in Oklahoma — these dispensaries can’t stop won’t stop blazing those new deal trails! We looked low and very high for the very best weed deals this weekend, to help your wallet recover from all the staying home and staying high.


PharmaCanna – 13 NW 63rd St., OKC

The deals here are so good, it reminds you it’s always 4:20 somewhere. Their regular prices are deals: grams as low as $5, ounces as low as $110; 1g carts for $35 OTD; Smokiez Gummies 100mg for only $17 OTD; and 30% off White Moose and Big Dream concentrates.

New patients get a free PharmaCanna lighter, 10% off the whole store and a free pre-roll! If you leave a review, you get $5 off plus $1 off if you re-use your bag. Online orders also get an extra 5% off.

Stability – 1043 S. Meridian, OKC

250mg gummies are $20 and Nitro Can eighths are $25 at this 24/7 shop celebrating 420 all month long. ♦ NEW PATIENT DEAL ALERT ♦ First-timers get a coupon for 50% off flower, Perfect Ratio concentrates and pre-rolls for next visit. P.S. I don’t want to spoiler-alert our upcoming review, but their homegrown Tropaya is a strain you’ll never forget. Holy shit.

Greenwood Wellness – 1216 E. Apache St. #B, Tulsa

This place has great prices and a permanent 10% off if you get your medical card through their Greenwood Wellness Clinic. New patients get a free pre-roll. Unfortunately, it seems their best deals are only listed in-store, as they usually have killer deals like $99 ounces and 2.5g shake ounces for $1, so be sure to check the current specials.

Nature’s Kiss Tulsa – 9136 S. Sheridan Rd. #A, Tulsa

Live resin grams for $36 and 15% off all curbside orders make this a great place to stop. They have a huge selection on everything and amazing prices to match, including shatter grams for $25 and edibles as low as $4 for 25mg.

The Classen Collective – 2717 N. Classen Blvd, OKC

The more you go the more discount you get! 10% off first visit, 15% off second visit and 25% off the third visit! If you bring a friend and they spend $50, you get $20 off. Online reviews get a free pre-roll or 25% off one item. Happy Hour is 4-6 p.m. for a 15% off discount.

Fred’s Farmacopia – 1701 S. Air Depost Blvd., Midwest City

Great pricing for any 420 wallet in recovery: 100mg Smokiez for $15 on Sundays, free grams with purchase of a quarter or more, or buy 2g of shatter get 1g of crumble free. New patients get choice of 15% off the store, a free gram or a free pre-roll.

Tegridy Market – 2811 Dorchester Dr., OKC

Some of the lowest prices are here, including 20mg edibles as low as $3.46 and quality flower as low as $6.92 a gram.

Woke Wellness – 4132 NW 39th #B, OKC

With all OTD pricing, quality grams as low as $5 and 420 deals all month long (while supplies last), this shop is more than worth a look. New patients get 20% off already super low prices, and their deals include three 1g carts for $99, seven .5g carts for $100 and several 100mg edible options for only $15 OTD! They even have THC tea bags.

—May the high and harmony of 420 stay in your heart all year long.

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