Citrus Slurricane: Did This Severe Weed Event Blow Us Away?

T’was the night before 420, and on the dark streets of OKC ain’t shit was stirring. Except for our editor, who was at the 24/7 Stability Cannabis Superstore (1043 S. Meridian), getting us stocked up for the big day. Stability grows its own green in an 85,000-square-foot indoor facility, and we were curious to try some flower cultivated by the Cannabis Cup winners.

Holy samples! Peeking inside my weed grab bag like a school carnival ring-toss winner (Lucky Skunky), I was greeted with something entirely new.

Hello, Citrus Slurricane.

  • Slurricane x Lemon Lime
  • Indica-dominant hybrid
Citrus Slurricane by Stability Cannabis | ?: Auntie Skunk

Like something grown from the depths of an issue of Swamp Thing, this little nug has more moss-like qualities than a bayou and twice as many sparkles as the Gulf of Mexico. I love how the hairs just seem to proudly grow out and hang over the perimeter of the bud, kind of like the back of Gundy’s head…and how they shimmer with a ruby glow, rather than your usual orange. Boomer?


You know that sweet, sugary taste you get in the back of your throat when you open a packet of red Kool-Aid and take a sniff? That’s it right there…maybe with a hint of that blue raspberry — but oh so sweet and tangy! Seriously, when I first smelled it, all I was picturing were cherries, but now as I break it up it’s like the Kool-Aid man has burst through my wall with an “OH YEAH!” of citrus-berry flavor mixed with tropical cherries.


Easily the most saliva-inducing strain I’ve tried, with a slight tang and an enjoyable jaw tingle — kind of like sipping an extra limey limeade from Braum’s. It’s a super smooth smoke, with tropical citrus that tantalizes the taste buds for the feast of the mind about to unfold.


As I inhaled deeply and held the smoke, time began to creep. My slowly-exhaled hit stretched out into a hurricane-like swirl that began to be suspended in time, as the seconds stretched out into hours.

I don’t think I’ve blinked for at least 10 minutes / days / weeks straight…pushing further into a space where I don’t want to speak or arouse thought that could interrupt the giant “OM” that is going on inside my brain. The OM is not so much a word or sound in my mind as much as the high is that OM feeling of serenity, and it’s permeating my soul.

The high is a long plane of peaceful solitude for me to ride while the world goes a little crazy. By the time I get to a place where I feel it may be appropriate to speak again, I drift into a sleep that leaves me relaxed and ready for whatever comes next.


5 out of 5 Skunks! ?????

I’d heard from a few cannabis connoisseurs that this is some of the dopest dope they’d ever smoked — but I didn’t let that influence me! While Citrus Slurricane was not the finest bud I’ve ever smoked, the place it took me to — while serving up a feast for the senses (it even sounded good breaking up) — shows me that Stability has an impeccable palate for quality bud.

The tranquility this strain offers to patients will surely be a hit with yogis and meditation enthusiasts alike, while not being so overwhelming as to take the focus off healing the mind and body. Don’t be shy to snag this one up before it transcends to Nirvana. Available at the Stability Cannabis Superstore.

—Uncle Skunk is the smoke.

Editor’s note: Stability Cannabis advertises on The Happy Ogle, and we love them for it! But it looks like this writer love them for their dank ass weed. 

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