New Weed Deals and Free T-Shirts, Oh My!

Oklahoma is slowly and stonedly opening things back up for business. And what else is opening up, you ask? The deals market — including some free T-shirts. Once everyone has their free T-shirts, You get a great weed deal! And you get a great weed deal! And you get a great weed deal…

We searched low and very high in our finest free cannabis T-shirts to bring you the best weed deals in Oklahoma this weekend.

MP³ Medical – 3716 S. Perkins Rd #B, Stillwater
A prime dispensary in Stillwater. They had some absolutely amazing looking Jack Herer pop up there for $15 an eighth on 4/20. While that deal may have ended, their normal prices are competitive: eighths as low as $22, live resin badder at $26.10 and 1g pre-rolls for $7.20.

Green Box 2640 NW 10th St. #F, OKC
This shop has been coming out with amazing daily deals, like ounces as low as $50, or pre-rolls for $2.95. Their current deal is grams as low as $5 and top-shelf grams as low as $8 OTD. Check their Leafly or call ahead for their current deals updated daily.

Woke Wellness – 1208 NW 12th St., Moore
These guys are going crazy with deals like three 1g Timeless carts for $99, 1g diamond sauce for $30 or 5g for $100 OTD on Saturdays; top-shelf ounces at $200 OTD on Sundays; and premium crumble for $30 a gram on Mondays. New patients get 20% off, and they also have great daily deals.

Vertica – 2925 Lakeside Dr., OKC
This trendy shop, which opened its first location in Norman, has beautiful aesthetics and prices to match. They recently opened this OKC location and have plans to open Edmond and Stillwater locations. This building used to be an adorable cake cafe, but now something else gets baked there.

Vertica’s daily deals are worth, it like BOGO 50% off edibles and BOGO pre-rolls for $1 on Mondays and 10% off on Sundays. New patients get 15% off, and anyone who spends $50 gets a free freaken T-shirt or hat!

Green Light District Cannabis Supply – 10717 N. May #A, The Village
$10 top shelf grams on Mondays; two free Lil’ Cavi joints when you buy an eighth on Saturdays; and $150 ounces on Fridays. They have 1g carts as low as $33; online orders get 20% off; and you can spin the wheel Monday – Saturday for more discounts. Wonder if they got a free T-shirt prize on that wheel? I’m all about it.


CANNAPAGES Coupons are also back this week, with the most notable listed below. Coupons may be required at the store.

Herb N’ Out – 4301 N. Sara Rd., Yukon

  • $30 eighths
  • 20% off + free T-Shirt
  • BOGO 50% off all concentrates
  • Free penny pre-roll with any purchase

High Voltage – 1708 N. Gatewood #B, OKC

  • $5 off any shatter
  • Free king-size pre-roll with purchase of an eighth
  • 20% off coupon for first-time customers

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