Glazed Edibles: A Review of Oklahoma’s Fanciest Bonbons

Chocolate and cannabis have a surprising amount in common. Both plants have deep roots in human history and culture, come from the ground, and are available in a range of qualities — ranging from premium/artisanal to ‘sure, this mix of chemicals vaguely resembles the real thing.’ Glazed Edibles cannabis-infused caramel truffles easily fall into the first category.

Glazed Edibles is the cannabis-infused offshoot of Tulsa’s famous chocolatier, Glacier Confection.

A full-spectrum cannabis-infused offshoot of the famed Glacier Confection, Glazed uses the same chocolate as their famous non-edible counterpart. The chocolate is so delicious and well made your automatic assumption may be that it was crafted by master chocolatier and his all-orange men in some hidden factory deep in the Swiss Alps. But nope! These delectable delicacies come right from Tulsa, Oklahoma in the US of A. We got ours at Stability Cannabis dispensary in OKC.


Life is very unlike a box of Glazed Edibles caramel truffles. 

Without a doubt, these Glazed Edibles caramel truffles are presented in the most premium packaging I’ve seen on the Oklahoma cannabis market yet. Holding the box, I think I felt my credit score rise a perceivable amount. The six handpainted caramel truffles come individually separated in a beautiful purple box that slides open via cardboard sleeve.

Fancy packaging allows for the bonbons to practice social distancing.


Each chocolate is a small sculpture in and of itself, a molded pentagonal truffle shimmering with metallic green and vibrant white specks! The coloration makes it look otherworldly…as if the Mayan Goddess of Chocolate had her way with a space alien and gave birth to a lunar bonbon.

Mesmerizing lighted closeup of the weedy, otherworldly caramel truffle.


Being of Glacier Confection fame, this chocolate is honestly incredible. It’s as high quality a chocolate as any bougie bonbon I stole from my grandma ever. And I stole A LOT of bonbons from that woman (I was an hyperactive child; sorry, grandma)…

Once the truffle hits your tongue, the chocolate immediately starts to melt. Suddenly it makes some sense of how 60mg of THC could cost upwards of $30! Sure, it is an edible (full spectrum hybrid), but what you are paying for is the experience of handcrafted Glacier chocolate — with a high. Once you melt through the outer layer of chocolate you’ll discover a delicious, gooey caramel filling that somehow makes the chocolate even more luxurious.


You may not get as high as British billionaire Richard Branson, but you will feel that fancy.

When it comes to edibles, I have a pretty high tolerance. Anything less than 50mg usually doesn’t have much of an effect. So I was pleasantly surprised that 40 minutes after eating four of them (40mg), I felt clear waves along my body evident of a mild edible. For my specific tolerance, this was perfect. I was able to work my essential job with no more paranoia than a reasonable person who didn’t take edibles would feel during a global pandemic! Which is still a lot but nothing additional.

If you are new to edibles, start with the suggested serving of one or even half a truffle. If you are an experienced user with an edibles tolerance, don’t get a tummy ache from eating too much of this delicious chocolate. It would be easy to do.

I think I felt the effects so quickly, because I let each truffle melt slowly in my mouth — the way fancy ass chocolate is SUPPOSED TO BE eaten! Doing this allowed my body to absorb the THC sublingually, which generally seems to provide a faster onset for me.


My box of chocolates was $28. If viewed through the lens of price-per-mg of THC, this would be absurd. HOWEVER, when you consider they are crafted with Glacier Confection chocolate, which regularly sells a 24-count box of non-cannabis chocolates for $50, the price point makes more sense.

While Glazed Edibles caramel truffles may be too fancy for regular consumption, I highly recommend gifting a box of these to a special someone on a special occasion — even if that someone special is you and that special occasion is being alive today.

P.S.A. – Mother’s Day is just around the corner…

Editor’s Note: Glazed Edibles is not a Happy Ogle advertiser and did not even pay us in free chocolate.

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