A Review of the 500mg Bison & Rose THC Inhaler

These days, many of us are opening up to safer, non-smokable ways to consume cannabis. I never set out to be a pot smoker, but then again I never set out to have Epilepsy, either. To add insult to injury, I’m one of the few whose body does not metabolize edibles, so that delicious non-smokable option is off the table for me. What’s even left, I wondered…

Hello, THC Inhaler.

Bison & Rose THC Inhaler (random rock, pot leaves and curly willow branches not included)

I sent Weed Dad to Fire Leaf Dispensary in Stockyard City, so I could try the new, sleek, ultra discreet Bison & Rose THC inhaler. It uses metered 5mg doses, designed for rapid uptake and precise dosing. How very medicinal of them (CC: Steve Lackmeyer)!

It comes in two options: THC-only and THC/CBD — both of which are 500mg, 100-puff inhalers that will set you back $85. I chose the THC-only option. Obviously.

FACT: No one looks at you funny when you hit an inhaler in public

The inhaler looks similar to a regular asthma inhaler, except for the Bison & Rose logo. The cartridge holding the goods has a tiny THC warning sticker, and the instructions for use are printed both on the outside of the package and on a printed insert. Just in case you forget where you put one of them (it’s easy to do).

This is most discreet THC product I have ever seen! Pocket-sized. Zero odor profile. I could easily sit on the sidelines of a hypothetical future Energy game and puff away, no one the wiser.

This is most discreet THC product I have ever seen! Pocket-sized. Zero odor profile.

As I discharge the inhaler several times and inhale deeply, I am neither pleased nor displeased with the taste. The medicine inside has a burst of citrus taste/feel/smell that does not linger…but does create a slight burning sensation at the back of my throat, which lasts for a couple of minutes.

The first thing that happens is I feel like I have the lung capacity of Michael Phelps for a few breaths. Maybe that’s just the burst of citrus air. I’m not sure, but I do appreciate it.

Shortly after comes the head rush. My head feels like it is floating above my body. Almost as if my head were a helium balloon and my neck were the string. It took seven several puffs to get here, making the price-per-5mg-puff not very economical. If I’d do myself a favor and take a tolerance break, that wouldn’t be such a factor.

Overall Impressions Impressions
Similar to inhalers used for asthma, the Bison & Rose THC inhaler delivers a discrete and precise dose of medicine — in this case, marijuana. I was skeptical about whether an inhaler could get me high. I was wrong. It can and it did.

For me, the THC inhaler won’t replace smoking flower or vaping, but I am glad I tried it, and I will definitely keep one on hand for times I have to go places where neither of my preferred options to medicate are permitted. Like the hospital.

At around 85 cents per puff, THC inhalers are pricey, but perhaps that will change the longer they are on the market. These babies are brand new to Oklahoma, and I predict they will become increasingly popular…especially once we get back out into the real world, where we can’t just toke up any time and place we wish.

Editor’s Note: Bison & Rose is not a Happy Ogle advertiser and did not even pay us in free THC inhalers.

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