Report: El Reno Dispensary Owner Swindles Staff, Growers

In these …. I don’t even know what to call them anymore … times, money is tight and we’re all buckling down to get by. I even resorted to taking James’s advice and bought more shake than bud this re-up. It helps me feel like I’m burning more than money, as I #stayhome waiting for this purgatorial nightmare to end.

But staying home is child’s play (especially the way I do it), compared to risking your personal well-being to make sure others have essential groceries, weed and Bob Mills furniture. If you are essential and employed and out every day in this Coronavirus catastrophe, you deserve to get your mutha fuckin’ money!

Latosha Richey, the spelling bee loser who owns Kush Konnexions dispensary in El Reno, does not agree. Via KFOR:

A dispute between the owner of a medical marijuana dispensary and her former employees is escalating after they say she owes them more than $4,000 in back pay.

“It’s frustrating, and especially during this time because she knows how critical it is to find work, to provide for your family,” said former employee Josefina Sandoval.

Isn’t El Reno the town outside OKC where that one tornado hit and when you get pulled over it seems like the entire police force shows up? I got my card, pigs! General armpittedness aside, even El Reno is embarrassed of Kush Konnexions.

Kush Konnexions SUV spotted in El Reno amidst unconfirmed reports of unpaid employees and growers and banner-makers locked inside, hidden from the media

The dispensary building looks like it could house a chainsaw wielding maniac, your typical OU fan…or like it used to be a plantation that also houses your typical OU fan / student / teacher / president / alumni / whendoesitstop?

Turns out, here’s when it stops:

“…I had told her that I can no longer work without compensation, and she fired me,” Sandoval said.

Well, if that’s not grounds for termination, what is! The hoity toity snowflake budtenders at the soon-to-be-former dispensary expect to be paid for performing their essential job duties? Pfft…

What Latosha Richey has done with all the money is anyone’s guess. She won’t pay her employees or growers. And she certainly isn’t using it for upkeep.

Kush Konnexions owner Latosha Richey caught fleeing to avoid the media and process servers

Torn flags whipping in the wind greet you as their main sign, attached to an old SUV that probably doesn’t run, proudly states it’s open 24 hours a day. I don’t want to be judgmental, but places that are open 24 hours always give me a seedy and gross feeling after I’ve had to use one, like pooping at the HiLo.

The work environment is so abusive that when former employee Alex Quiroz quit, it wasn’t even about not being paid! He told KFOR:

“No I quit because of her unprofessionalism. She cussed employees out in front of customers. That’s not how your run a business.”

Another former employee, Nathaniel Beaty, bolstered Quiroz’s claim, saying,

“She would scream and yell at you. She would do it out in front of customers, out in the dispensary,”

Jesus. Is there anyone whose life Richey hasn’t blighted? Apparently not, according to this social media review from a grower:

Very unprofessional. The owner refuses to pay for the flower that we gave to her on consignment. We did her a favor to help build her business and she was unreliable. I would never trust a person like this to supply my medication.

Me neither.

Even if the swindled employees and growers are paid what they are owed, which is doubtful at best, they won’t see that money for a long time. It certainly won’t help them feed their families this week.

We can only hope Latosha Richey will be forced to pay all she owes, be investigated for what we can all pretty much guess is happening in her dispensary…and be promptly shut down.

The shit thing about Karma is it seems to move slowly on especially bad people. But we don’t have to wait for someone to do the right thing. Boycott Kush Konnexions. Because indentured servitude is so 1600s.

—Uncle Skunk keeps it heavy and heady.

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  1. Lol a liberal robbed a liberal. Wait that can’t be true! Oh wait I forget liberals are greedy shits to. Never seen more backstabbing by liberals. Since legalization. Dispensaries owners backstabbing and ratting out their competition. Ripping off help short changing customer’s. Wow

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