We Smoked a New, Exotic Oklahoma Strain: Tropaya

It is safe to say most of us are in desperate need of a vacay getaway right now. It is also safe to say, for most of us, that ain’t happening. Something about a global pandemic really kills the travel vibes. Who’da thunk. Thank god for cannabis during these uncertain and wildly boring times.

If you are yearning for a tropical getaway to a weed utopia, we know just the strain for you…

Hello, Tropaya. 

  • Exotic new strain with celebrity parents
  • Tropicana Cookies x Papaya
  • Indica-dominant hybrid
  • Grown by Stability
  • $38/eighth via Stability Cannabis dispensary
Dense spattering of small orange hairs on Tropaya, grown by Stability Cannabis

Tropaya rides the finest of lines between beautiful and unassuming. Its buds are lightly frosted like a lush forest in northern Russia that used to be heavily frosted but due to climate change only receives a light frosting now. The dense green coloration of the nugs is interrupted by dense spattering of small orange hairs.

If the modern political climate has killed all of your faith in orange hair, Tropaya may restore it. These nugs are as dense as a Boomer wearing his facemask below his nose. When broken up, the bud feels almost like Styrofoam.

I give Tropaya’s appearance 3 suspicious weed coughs out of 5.

If the modern political climate has killed all of your faith in orange hair, Tropaya may restore it.


One of the most interesting strains this sniffer has ever sniffed. I understand this sounds completely absurd, but initially this weed smells like the potato/carrot/onion portion of my grandmother’s pot roast; I have no other way of describing it.

The aroma is initially earthy and grassy with some sort of sweet fruity note at the end. This sweetness really stands out when the buds are put through the ol grinder! Even still, it’s a unique smelling flower.

I give this strain’s smell another 2.5 suspicious weed coughs out of 5.


Based on what Tropaya smelled like I assumed I knew what it would taste like. I assumed incorrectly! While the earthy notes I expected were absolutely present, what stood out was the sweet fruitiness that is so apparent on the back end of its smell.

To be honest, I had no idea why this strain would be called “Tropaya” before my first puff. But that puff was so fruity and unexpected, the fact that the name sounds like a mixture of “tropical” and “papaya” started to make sense before my first exhale!

Tropaya stands out in this category and gets a solid 4 suspicious weed coughs out of 5.


I went into the review blind, not knowing anything about this strain or its origins, but I can tell you the high definitely leaned indica!

The first few puffs settled a pleasant pressure on the back of my neck that crept throughout my body as I smoked. I would never say this strain put me to sleep, but I will vouch for its relaxed yet clear-headed high that allows you to remain somewhat functional!

I give the high of Tropapya 4.2 suspicious weed coughs out of 5!


All in all, Tropaya is an incredibly SOLID flower. Its unique smell and appealing bud structure make it stand out from the pack like a groovy weed wolf who just wants to be different from all his wolf friends.

If you are looking for a relaxing smoke with great flavor that won’t make you stare out of your window for several hours looking for the people, then you should give Tropaya a trya.

Overall, I give this flower 4 suspicious weed coughs out of 5.

—Trever is a Tulsa-based comedian and cannabis lover. 

Editor’s note: Stability Cannabis advertises on The Happy Ogle. We’ve smoked our way through six of their platinum-shelf strains and counting…

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