Your Fundamental Guide to Okie Cannabis Vernacular

Cannabis has gotten complicated over the years, much like my feelings on the eventual end of this Coronavirus-compelled staycation situationLike anything complicated, getting to know the ins and outs can be overwhelming. Knowing how to talk pot in Oklahoma is a whole other level…

Guide to Okie Cannabis Vernacular


This is the basic term for the buds of the cannabis plant. The part that is traditionally ground up and smoked via one method or another. It is called this because it is literally the flowering part of the plant.

Okies call it: state flower, godzz intended, bud, regular weed


Cannabis that has been processed so you can eat it like any other food and feel its therapeutic and psychoactive effects. For hours. Typically, you will find these in tasty treat form, though I’ve been seeing lotsa frozen THC pizzas on dispensary menus. Caution: Edibles can be deceptively strong. GO SLOW, wait two hours between doses.

Okies call it: everyday poor diet choices, browniezzz, medibles, Daug snacks


Also known as “dabs,” this term refers to cannabis that has been refined and concentrated. There are dozens of types and qualities — all much stronger and more intense than flower. Like that one uncle that stands apart from all your other uncles because he did time at the state penitentiary and it made him different. Wax, shatter, resin, rosin, sugar, diamonds, distillate, budder, hash…all are forms of concentrate.

Okies call it: think hard goo, dabzzz, science weed, errl


The most standard of smoking devices, usually includes a bowl where the cannabis is loaded and a mouthpiece.

Okies call it: Boomer spooner, ol’ faithful


Area of a smoking device intended to hold the cannabis.

Okies call it: where ya put it, businesss end, unimportant bowl [it ain’t football] 

One-Hitters & Chillums

Similar to pipes but smaller and designed for on-the-go, chillums are a bit bigger than one-hitters, and both use a sample chamber where the cannabis is held before smoke is directed toward a mouthpiece. These guys are smaller, less complex, highly portable and can help you conserve weed.

Okies call it: diet pipe, bat, broke bowl


Similar to pipes, bongs take it a step further by adding water filtration to the smoking process, which is said to yield a cooler, smoother smoking experience.

Okies call it: We ain’t callin’ em water pipes no more? 

Dab Rigs

A specific category of bong used for concentrates. Instead of a bowl its has a “quartz banger” or “titanium nail” — which is heated, usually with a torch, until it’s hot enough to vaporize the “dab” of concentrate.

Okies call it: Boy that bong sure looks cracky, natural gas n oil rig

Nectar Collector

Think of it as a one-hitter for concentrates. These devices generally look vaguely like straws. Heat one end; inhale the vapor at the other end.

Okies call it: ya sure that ain’t for meth, dab straw, Shortey straw

—Trever knows a cannabis flower by any other name would smell as sweet.

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