Dank Deals Come Sweeping Down the Plain

Happy Friday! The sun shined this morning for like 30 minutes, and Oklahoma dispensaries are already gearing up for the blazy days of summer. We searched low and very high for the lowest of the low prices on weed this weekend.

Nature’s Cure Dispensary – 100 SE 29th St. #C, OKC
This tried-and-true deal veteran is shining bright this week with amazing looking flower deals that make them a haven for bud enthusiasts. They have a variety of ounces from $200 to as low as $75 OTD! They also have great shake ounces for $60, including a crazy White Widow Extreme strain.

The Joint Cannabis Club –  3628 NW 50th St., OKC
The epic deal event is May 17, 12-6 p.m. and includes a meet-and-greet with HideAway Farms head-grower and team. All-shelf grams are only $10, and HideAway Farms flower is also 20% off! There are 100+ total strains to choose from, including top-shelf!

There will be an on-site food truck [munchies!] with free food to each patient with any medical purchase at the store. Also giveaways, free stuff and some of the top deals of the month!

Capital Dank 301 S. Air Depot Blvd., Midwest City
Another veteran shining a light in the dark this week with high-quality, lab-tested Helix Live Resin concentrate at 8g for $100… That almost didn’t feel real to type because that deal is unbelievable! A concentrate lover’s dream, this dispensary offers the best price on just about any concentrate you can imagine. New patients also get 1g pre-rolls for five cents.

The Groovy Cats Dispensary 5408 E 11th St., Tulsa
Instagram-only for this hidden, wacky dispensary that reportedly has some kind of crane game you can play on your birthday to win a prize and a free gram! We couldn’t find hard evidence to confirm this legendary B-Day Crane Game, but their regular deals are great as well, like ounces as low as $100 or four 1g pre-rolls for $20. It looks like they also do giveaways on Insta quite frequently.

405 BUDZ – 1927 S. Air Depot Blvd., Midwest City
Striving to be the premier cannabis 7-11, 405 has great deals this week like top-shelf eighths for $35 OTD! They have three 1g Red Sky carts for $100, 4g Sooner Glue Budder for $100 and distillate grams for only $20!

Woke Wellness – 1208 NW 12th St., Moore
They update their Leafly sporadically with great specials, like three 1g Timeless carts for $99 and 15% off during the first or last hour the store is open each day. Their daily deals are some of the best, with 1g diamond sauce for $30 OTD on Saturdays, top-shelf ounces for $200 OTD on Sundays, $30 grams of crumble on Mondays, and 10% off edibles on Fridays.

All City Plug – 700 S. McArthur Blvd., OKC
Great prices in general aren’t enough here, because they give you 15% off your first visit and when you bring a friend. This looks like a great shop with lots of variety and eighths for $28 or grams for $8 OTD.

High Society – 5900 NW 50th St. #B, Warr Acres
Their new patient deal is hot, with 20% off the first time, 25% off the second and a penny jumbo pre-roll on the third! They have some of the best deals on everything, including $99 ounces or five grams of shatter, crumble, or 1g carts for $115.

Heartland Dispensary – 4001 Tinker Diagonal #D, Del City
The great flower deals here include $45 top shelf quarters, $5 grams and mix-and-match four quarters for $140 OTD. New patients get a penny gram, and if you call ahead it’s $5 off the first time.

Green Temple – 1200 S. Air Depot Blvd. #T, Midwest City
Deals worthy of worship are real, here: top-shelf $10 grams OTD, $20 gram concentrates or a 5g Wildfire shatter variety pack for $90 OTD! Praise weed!

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