Cooking with the Croctopus: Sous Weed

One of my favorite kitchen appliances is the sous vide. It cooks meat to perfection, and I can just leave it alone to do its thing, without worrying about stuff getting overcooked or setting the house on fire.

There is a website,, that focuses specifically on cooking with weed in a sous vide. They have a lot of great recipes, but I was skeptical about the quality of decarbing and infusing with a sous vide. Due to the nature of water, it can only get so hot before evaporating off into nothing, and other decarb methods require temperatures around 225° Fahrenheit.

According to Monica at, you can get a good decarb at 194°F by just extending the time a bit. So, I put her to the test! Did it work? Did I get high? Is this method worth it? You be the judge!

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