Top Weed Deals, THC Slushies & a Mani Pedi Smoke Sesh

There is a wide selection of deals this week that we don’t normally see! We have dispensaries trying to pass off dank flower as “shake,” cannabis nail salons, THC doughnuts, slushies and even cannolis. Hell, there’s even a deal on a newly Oklahoma-bred strain called “That Bitch Carole Baskin.”

We searched low and very high to find the best, most unique deals to kick off summer…

Top Med Card Deal

Still need an OMMA card? Chronic Docs continues to have the cheapest, tried and true med-card deal out there at only $25 for the doctor’s recommendation, and it’s all conveniently done online now! If they aren’t your cup of tea, you can also search for local doctors here.

Glazees® THC Slushies

Two dispensaries are now confirmed Glazee distributors, with THC slushie machines just in time for summer! There’s one in OKC, one in Tulsa: ????️

Tegridy – 2811 Dorchester Dr., OKC
Glazees for under $13 and just about every edible is at BOGO prices. They have four 1g carts for $100, first-timers get 20% off, and if you text TEGRIDY to 411669 you get an extra 5% off.

Robot Pharmer– 1212 E. 1st St, Tulsa
Another Glazee distributor with two sizes as low as $11.55 also has excellent diamond deals. 1g live diamonds are $35 OTD! They have a wide selection of edibles for under $13, including coconut oil, hot cocoa and THC toothpicks.

Salon Smoke Sesh

Hybrid Nail Salon –10328 E. 21st St., Tulsa
Not everyone is ready to brave the salon, yet, but if you are, this is a first of its kind, cannabis-consumption-friendly salon with otherworldly design skills and crazy low prices. It’s one of the most innovative ideas I’ve seen in cannabis this year, and my editor tells me a CBD infused manicure + pedicure + smoke sesh for $75 is a ridiculously good deal.

Weekend Weed Deals

Green Mile – 4210 NW 39th. St., OKC
This dispensary was caught trying to fool people into buying dank weed by calling it “shake.” It’s a huge deal, and at $59 OTD for an ounce, it’s a steal. Other deals include 2g sauce, shatter or wax as low as $50 OTD and 500MG Dose Gummies for $49!

Fire Leaf – [Eight locations]
A new Fire Leaf location in Guthrie has opened to great reviews, and they have fresh THC-filled GoNut DoNuts at all eight locations this weekend! THC doughnuts are stuff of legend! The Guthrie grand opening celebration is June 6th, 4-6 p.m. with deals galore.

Fire Leaf also has new $28 “Road Trip Survival Kits” — the perfect deal for edible lovers: 125mg Outlaw Edibles Gummi Bites, 200mg Happy Sap, and a Dank Sinatra 1g pre-roll…all of it for $28 OTD. They also have great concentrate prices, like 3g 77 Extracts live concentrates for only $100.

Ancient Remedies – 1135 W. 15th St., Edmond
Great deals on everything, including edibles for under $10, $25 1g carts, and $25 top-shelf eighths OTD!

Eden Rose –3420 N. May Ave., OKC
200mg Cannabis Cannolis for $20, 4g live resin for $100 and top-shelf eighths for $25 OTD. Enough said.

Green Box 2640 NW 10th St, OKC
There’s a serious variety to choose from for their “Mix & Match $18 Eighths.” They’re touting a new original Oklahoma-grown strain called “That Bitch Carol Baskin” at only $5.50 a gram. How’s that for variety? Look for us to review that bitch next week!

Green Country Bud 8903 S. Yale & 3403 S. Peoria, Tulsa
With their new location comes great deals on everything, like Cheeba Chews, Green Hornet and other 100mg edibles for only $13.50! Grams are as low as $5, 1g carts as low as $18.99, and $12 THC Patches…so no one knows how high you’re getting. 😉

—Until next week, stay Happy.

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