7 Sneaky Spots to Smoke in a Non-Smoking Apartment Complex

Renting sucks for all kinds of reasons, like paying insane amounts for small spaces, following rules like a child and not being able to smoke in outdoor spaces. OUTDOOR SPACES! I’m respectful, anti-social and kind with my smoke. I’ve tried all kinds of non-smokable ways to consume marijuana, but I keep coming back to the old school method of smokin’ Js.

Let’s see if these seven sneaky spots to smoke can keep me enjoying my tokin’ sessions without getting fined or evicted from my temporary residence.

1. Across the Barb Wire Fence

Lucky for me, my apartment is fairly close to the outskirts of the property. I could just cross the fence and light up. Technically I wouldn’t be on the property anymore. Maybe we could get a drum circle going and make some new stoner friends. Look how that turned out for Matthew McConaughey! Arrested, yes, but with the coolest story to tell the grandkids.

2. Down the Obnoxiously Long Drive

This particular complex has an entrance longer than the Yellow Brick Road. I could take a stroll down to the end of the drive and back while puffing, and nobody would probably even notice. Probably. Surely your complex, too, has a similar design peculiarity conducive to taking a sneaky smoke break.

3. On the Patio

I do have a very private patio, and I do wake up early. Wake and bake? This sounds like a good idea. Maybe the best idea. So long as none of the complex Karens narc me out, this me-time can stay all mine. Make sure to keep the suspicious weed coughing to a minimum; you wouldn’t want to start any rumors.

4. In the Shower

This sneaky smoke spot is relaxing af. And helps hide the smell. Smoking pot in the shower is pretty close to heaven — certainly as close as I’ll ever get. I’ll forfeit my deposit for that. Pro-tip: Make sure you don’t set off any fire alarms; nothing gets by those nosy, chirping chumps.

5. Switch to Dry Herb Vaping

Dry herb vaping is the one tactic I have not yet deployed but am very interested in. Trever wrote about it a while back, and it seems so much simpler, since you don’t have to roll it up or pack a bowl. Just grind the flower and done. For apartment-dwelling purists who aren’t too fond of vaping concentrates, this discreet method may solve it all.

6. Take a Tolerance Break

What the fuck??!?! You didn’t sign up for this bullshit advice! It’s a scary, foreign concept — I know — but a tolerance break would pay off big-time. I’ve been going pretty hard for a while without a break and have noticed it’s hard to hit that peak without multiple forms of consumption. Taking a break will also throw off your nosy neighbors…just when Karen was certain you were breaking the rules!

7. Where all the Other Smokers Smoke…(Duh)

There must be others out here sort of like me! You can find this spot, which has already been vetted by smokers — just follow Mother Earth’s tears falling over the non-biodegradable pile of cigarette trash. And promise you won’t add to it.

In my apartment complex, not unlike most, the first time you get caught smoking it’s a $200 fine. It increases from there, until they just kick your been-caught-smoking ass out after like the third time. Being told what to do is no fun, but being homeless is less fun.

—Weed Mom is loathe to break the rules and does so only politely.

2 thoughts on “7 Sneaky Spots to Smoke in a Non-Smoking Apartment Complex

  1. Lol my favorite place. Was in kitchen over stove with exhaust fan on. Holding joint under and exhaling into exhaust vent. Big plus was already in kitchen to fix munchies and drink’s afterwards.

  2. While I find it nice that you try to be respectful about your smoking and I agree that sometimes lease addendums are a bit overreaching at best but maybe the unconsidered flipside to this story is that you always have the option of finding a property that doesnt have a non-smoking lease addendum. For somebody like me, who is pro-freedom of choice to ingest whatever chemicals you want, I also understand that other people who the right to not ingest such chemicals. I, personally, have strong asthmatic reaction to smoke so I, using my freedom of choice, select apartments with nonsmoking addendums to support my right to clean air. I didn’t Karen out and sign a lease at a smoking complex and then complain that there are smokers so you would think that the logic applies in reverse. I have a right to consume or do whatever I want so long as I am not infringing on somebody else’s right to do the same- it’s called basic respect for others. That is the only point where I really disagree with you is that anybody “narc”ing you out is a Karen. You know what you sign up for when yoh sign the lease so just dont live in nonsmoking communities- otherwise you are reverse-Karening and not respecting the rights of the other tenants to not be exposed to secondhand smoke, contact highs, or what have you. Indeed, housing is far too expensive and anything affordable is usually garbage, but that is all the more reason for ALL tenants to respect the rights of each other be it noise, pollution, etc.. There should be a variety of options that are affordable that allow smokers and nonsmokers to be in separate communities and there should be smoking and nonsmoking casinos and etc… Everybody should be able to engage in their vices so long as they respect the right of others not to (ie smoke travels so keep it contained, keep noise to the self, etc…).

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