5 Cheapest Medical Card Doctors (And One to Avoid at All Costs)

Getting a Physician Recommendation is probably the biggest drag — and the biggest wildcard — in the process of getting a license to smoke a joint if not with a cop, in front of one. That, and the $100 OMMA application fee, are the reasons you still have friends trying to use you as their drug dealer.

The drag is the embarrassment you’d likely suffer at the lips of your family doctor, flatly saying, No! to signing the form you so kindly filled out in advance. The wildcard is the price you’ll pay for a marijuana-friendly doc who only ever says, Yes! to weed. That’s where we can help.

Here are the five cheapest spots we could find for a basic physician recommendation — and one to avoid at all costs.

Cheapest Doc Deals:

1. Chronic Docs – $25

2. RiseUp MD – $39 

3. Green Online Doctor Evals – $70 ($50 Vets, $20 Hospice)

4. Elevate Holistics – $75 (with coupon code, OKC)

5. The Lifestyle Clinic – $80

One to Avoid at All Costs:

Doctors of Cannabis – $245

These dickish doctors make my Hall of Goddamn Shame for charging $245 for the BASIC physician recommendation. Weed-related math is hard, but Doctors of Cannabis charge roughly TEN TIMES the price of #1 on this list — for the EXACT SAME SERVICE.

Friends don’t let friends pay $245 for a fucking signature, so let ’em know. Just don’t tell my adult daughter; she might be mad I didn’t write this guide three weeks ago.

15 thoughts on “5 Cheapest Medical Card Doctors (And One to Avoid at All Costs)

  1. True story about Docs of Cannabis. I visited them last summer, didn’t get told the price until in the meeting room and didn’t feel comfortable leaving at that point. So I paid. Wrote a review a few months later saying the service was fine but thought they should post the price upfront rather than blindsiding you after taking your info. Gave them three stars and still got a super creepy call and text from them wanting to “talk about my review.” So yeah, avoid.

  2. Seeing a doctor who is low cost is important as we know, especially in the trying times we’re all in. I’m very happy to be one of the doctors listed, GreenOnlineDoctorEvals, which I founded right here in Oklahoma. It’s certainly been fun and a privilege personally helping my patients across Oklahoma gain access to a physician when they might not otherwise, especially those in rural areas. As a physician with special training in medical cannabis management, it’s very enjoyable discussing possible medical cannabis regimens and providing my comprehensive medical cannabis guide to each patient at no additional cost. A patient mentioned to me that he found me in this website, and I’m happy he did as I look forward to perusing your content. I now do zero cost to hospice patients btw. Thanks for the mention!

    1. Hey you actually did my referral a couple months ago! Just recieved an e-mail that my app was rejected. Somehow the new referral hadnt uploaded…it was still my original one (as this was a renewal). Well i didnt save it. Is thete a chance you have it in your records???

    2. How do I schedule an online appt? I need to renew my medical
      marijuana license. Having a little bit of trouble finding where to

    3. Hi I have a question? What if you live on the state’s line but on one side more. Arkansas, but closer to Missouri dispensaries. I need a card in both states! How can I do this??

      1. I have rheumatoid arthritis and spinal stenosis in .y back
        I also have severe anxiety and I have gastropresis

      1. DOC is ‘the one to avoid at all costs.’ Sham. Maybe they figured it out too and went out of business?

  3. Avoid DOC at all costs… well unless you just want to pay more for your consultation.

    I went there and did not ask how much and they kept saying the Doctor will let you know everything. The whole process was janky as hell. He was talking to me over Skype from the next room, I could hear him through the wall. I asked him a few questions and he was like umm , ummnmm, looked around his desk and said oh don’t worry about those questions just go get some cannabis and you’ll figure it out. After it was all done he said, okay you’re all set you will get your card in the mail in about 2 weeks then you can go buy what you want and share with your friends and family?!?!?!?!?! really, share my medical drugs with others I have never heard of such a thing hahaha. I actually think he may have been high at the time of my meeting.

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