Meet the Love Child of Bob Marley + Kool-Aid Man

What a year! We’ve had fires, a fire tornado, pandemics, riots, quarantines, and I’ve learned the word Hydroxychloroquine. In all the chaos I’ve had about 15 jobs this year, and time has become a vague concept for me.

So when I got home tonight, it came as quite the shock when I heard my roommate talk about hump day and I realized that this very article was due…Whoops!

Luckily! I had some Stability Cannabis flower to review, so now I can decompress after work WHILE I start my work. Hmm, two birds, one very stoned article writer! I love my life.

Here’s what I think about Grape Stomper!

Grape Stomper (a/k/a/ Sour Grapes) grown by Stability Cannabis, is a slightly Sativa-dominant hybrid strain.


In the best way possible, Grape Stomper represents exactly what I assume a mid-shelf strain would look like. While it isn’t saturated in trichomes, It’s reasonably dense nugs are dominated by orange hairs reaching outward from the stem, like the hands of so many tiny Oompa Loompa zombies breaching the beautifully groomed lawn of a cemetery infested by morbidly curious skunks

I’m giving Grape Stomper‘s looks 3 Undead Oompa Loompas out of 5


When I send my nose spelunking into the little container providing shelter for my nug it is immediately clear why Grape Stomper has its name. It smells like a skunk snorted many rails of grape Kool-Aid mix and it somehow altered its body chemistry. While it isn’t pungent, per se, it is distinct and the notes of its namesake are clear and pronounced.

Imma give Grape Stopmers smell a 4 Undead Oompa Loompas out of 5.


This is, unfortunately, the category where Grape Stomper fell a bit short for me. Based on the smell, I was hoping for the smoke to taste like grapes, but what I got instead was decent weed. Bummer. The smoke was very earthy, almost peppery on the exhale. While by far not the worst thing in the world, none of the grape notes in the smell of this flower came through in its flavor.

Grape Stomper’s taste gets a 2 Undead Oompa Loompas out of 5.


Grape Stomper redeems its flavor with its effects! For me, it hit hard and quick. The ride seemed to be on a fine line between Sativa and Indica, providing me with a strong overall head and body high that made me completely forget about what fruit I expected to be tasting.

Grape Stomper’s high gets a 3.5 Undead Oompa Loompas out of 5.


All in all, Grape Stomper is a respectable smoke! While its aroma may seem slightly deceptive, its effects more than make up for what is lost in translation. If you are looking for a Sativa-dominate hybrid with the aromatic notes of your favorite sticky grape Kool-Aid childhood memory, Grape Stomper may be worth a try!

Overall, I give Grape Stomper 4 Undead Oompa Loompas out of 5.

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