Dandiest Father’s Day Deals Right Now

You’re looking at a superfresh Father’s Day 2020, with some of the highest quality kush in Oklahoma. There is a lot to cover! We searched low and extra high to make it a happy holiday weekend for you and your wallet.


Classen Kush House – 1217 N. Classen Blvd., OKC

Open 24/7 for that last-minute Father’s day gift, Kush House has Top quality flower like their Sativa Harlequin. A variety of popular strains including Green Crack and Sour Diesel ounces are only $55 OTD or top-shelf strains at $179 OTD. They are currently running crazy deals like 7g wax or carts for $100. They have a massive variety of deals to choose from and choice edible deals like two 250mg Smokies for $60.

The Peak – Multiple locations

Come by on Fathers Day and tell your best dad joke for 10% off already low prices and 20% off if you tag them on Instagram with your joke. 

Fire Leaf – Multiple locations

Saturday and Sunday, get 3 for $100 mix-and-match concentrates on Sunday Extracts, Apothecary Extracts and 77 Extracts brands. Pre-rolls are $3 every day, and new patients always get 20% off. Deals exclude private reserves.

Miracle Meds – 701 S. Kelly #D, Edmond

This place has been rumored as a top-quality cart producer, has 10% off everything this week, eighths as low as $30 OTD, and pre-rolls infused with shatter at only 2 for $10!

The Cannabis Refinery – 180 W. 15th St., Edmond

Slightly high prices, but top quality and first-timers get 30% off till June 23rd making their prices good on everything. They have some of the best quality bud in Oklahoma, like their Jack Herer or Grapenstein by Private Reserve Gardens.

UWD – 37 West 15th St., Edmond

This elite dispensary has Harlequin for only $10 a gram, with a variety of others as low as $6 a gram. If you bring a friend on any Sunday in June, you get 10% off — stackable with other in-store deals! They are renowned for top quality edibles, and I personally and highly recommend their Sativa Daytime English Breakfast Tea for a gift that’s both chill, strong, and only $5.95.

Craft 151 E. 33rd St. #102, Edmond

This mindblowing Grandaddy purp is only $35 an eighth and even less for first-timers, who get 25% off their whole purchase! 

Green Country Bud – 8903 S. Yale & 3403 S. Peoria, Tulsa

A $1000 giveaway is running here till July 4th where each purchase counts toward one entry in the raffle with double entries for purchases at their Brookside location. 100mg edibles are only $10 here and they have new harvest grams as low as $4.50.

Fight Club – 1100 N. Porter Ave., Norman

These deals are insane quality, like the legendary Live White Mouse at 4g for only $100 and ounces as low as $39.99! They have six 1g carts or 8g shatter as low as $100 and even give penny pre-rolls on birthdays.

—Happy Father’s Day weekend to all the Weed Dads out there!

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