Kola Organics: Inside a Medical Marijuana Grow Operation

In a mostly inconspicuous metal warehouse, down a semi-dead-end road, in a no-man’s land just south of the Oklahoma River, lies what could possibly be the most thoughtfully planned cannabis cultivation and processing operation known to tOklahomans.

Over the past year, we had thoroughly reviewed the offerings Kola Organics so nicely provided us…I thought that would be the end of our time together. But boyhowdy was I in for a treat! Our fearless leader and editor, Beth, hit up the Happy Ogle crew with exciting news that we were invited to tour Kola’s facilities, sample more of their transcendental strains and attend an afterparty at McClintock’s!

Lucky Skunky!

With Auntie Skunk along for the ride, I did my best to stay unmedicated the entire morning so I could truly enjoy my experience. Driving past some dude welding what looked like a top-secret nuclear submarine and pulling up to 65,000-square-foot industrial warehouse was a bit unnerving — especially since I wasn’t high.

Thankfully, I saw some of my fellow writers sashaying through the front door, and we quickly followed suit. Waiting in a nice air conditioned room while the Kola Organics crew greeted dispensary owners and handed out swag, the Happy Ogle crew got caught up on the craziness that has been one another’s lives the past few months — and admitted this is probably the biggest thing we’ve been to in a while.

A few of the breathtaking plants in Kola’s grow operation

Missing the croctopus and Trever, we finally went upstairs to get the details on this operation and sample some of the strains they’re famous for. Laid out for us on a fancy board room table were huge glass jars of some familiar favorites: Crown Kola, High Ho Kola and Kolasaurus! Not to take up too much space and accidentally repeat myself, but…THESEBUDSAREFUCKINGPERFECT! The reliability of Kola’s product is just unfathomable. Especially when you really think about all the inconsistent weed you’ve probably smoked.

Chief Grower Bryce Davis leads the Kola Organics tour

Leading the presentation was Chief Grower Bryce Davis, the mastermind behind it all — 10 points on a whiteboard and looking as tall as he does in the pictures — began to talk about what makes his bud the best bud. Humbly educating us in the ways of growing god’s good green (proprietary hand-mixed living soil, organic everything, plants lovingly tended, etc.), and I was entranced.

As the tour continued, we walked out of the completed sections, toward the back and through an open warehouse that had big plans in store for it. We were greeted with a fantastic view of the OKC skyline, perfect for toking to. Heading back in and past all the old Bricktown Haunted Warehouse props, we finally got to see one of the four grow rooms, filled to the brim with over 700 plants! Inhaling the sweet pot perfume, I also got a whiff of the living soil that helps make these plants the best.

Inside one of Kola Organics grow rooms

Into their concentrates lab, which looked like a chemistry lab at Harvard, we saw their plans for distillates, while being schooled on the perks of soil vs hydroponics, isolation rooms, using bugs in a good way and other things I can’t remember. Bryce excitedly told us about the recent purchase of a centrifuged joint making machine, and it clicked for me.

The reason Kola stands four feet and twenty inches above the competition is their commitment to quality and consistency. From seed to smoke, every step is done with purpose and intention — nothing goes to waste in this methodical marijuana mode. When you get bud from Kola, you know what you’re going to get: the smoke of the gods. It’s that good.

Some Kola Organics bud porn

I can see that Bryce has an eye and the heart and the vision to make Oklahoma’s medical marijuana industry so much more than it already is — eschewing the quick and easy path for the one that needs to be trodden, even though it may mean hardships for he and his crew. On that note, every single team member I met was incredibly knowledgeable and happy to be working with such a great man. Bryce treats his employees with the same love and respect he shows his plants…something clearly reflected in the potency and quality of Kola’s cannabis.

The Kola Organics team in action

With goodbyes said, we headed to the afterparty at McClintocks and enjoyed the open bar and delicious food. I met up with some ganjapreneurs who also took the tour and were interested in Kola and planning on utilizing them for their “total spectrum” product, Yips. We got to talking about how crazy good Kola’s bud is, and about that time Bryce walks up to me, asks if I’m Skunk, shakes my hand and hands me an eighth of Kola. That back porch got pretty foggy until we had to leave — thank goodness Auntie was driving!

—Uncle Skunk says “Buy Kola!” Available next week at Fire Leaf, Oasis Healing Center, The High Road, Heaven Scent Wellness and Living Leaf dispensaries.

The author, stoned to the bone

Editor’s Note: Kola Organics is not a Happy Ogle advertiser…yet. No one pays us to say nice things about their weed. If we tell you the bud is good, break out your bong. If we tell you the bud is Kola Organics, break out your Happy Dance.

2 thoughts on “Kola Organics: Inside a Medical Marijuana Grow Operation

  1. Sorry don’t want their meds. Poor cleaning habits. Ever here of a broom. A dirty grow room leads to bugs, fungus, ………. Seeing this facility with nasty floors make me glad I grow my own.

    1. Organic, living-soil grow ups like Kola have dirt. Lots of it. They mix it by hand in the facility. They have bugs (there is science behind this; it helps develop the plant’s strength and resistance to certain pests). This, in lieu of the dangerous pesticides many conventional growers use. We hope you can forgive the missed pass of the broom and treat yourself to some uncommonly good cannabis.

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