New 7-Eleven Owners Tell Oklahoma Tokers to F*ck Off!

Convenience stores like 7-Eleven have been supplying stoners with essential munchie-related goods for as long as random dudes standing outside those same stores have been supplying stoners with cannabis. A long time. 

This is why it strikes me as such a betrayal to learn that convenience store giant 7-Eleven is cockblocking Oklahoma dispensaries and badmouthing the medical marijuana business as ‘criminal activity‘ and ‘money laundering.’ Well, at least they have a high opinion of us!

Via Ganjapreneur:

”Four Oklahoma dispensaries are being forced from their locations by convenience store chain 7-Eleven Incorporated after the company bought buildings rented by the dispensary owners and have declined to renew their leases, KFOR reports.”

7-Eleven, how dare you! As a soulless corporate behemoth, there is no way you do not understand the contribution cannabis users have made to your bottom line!

When we smoked too much and our mouths were drier than beef jerky with a British sense of humor, your Slurpees were there! When the munchies hit harder than a crooked cop in a world with no cameras, your snacks were there!

When previous 7-Eleven owners kicked out liquor stores in similar fashion after it became legal for big box stores to sell their own wine and beer, it wasn’t personal. It was all about money; they didn’t want the competition.

But if this isn’t a matter of capitalism, why would 7-Eleven work so hard to alienate an extremely valuable customer base and turn away the consistent referred foot traffic? 

“John Koumbis, owner of JKJ Processing Inc., …told The Oklahoma Chronic that [7-Eleven] company representatives said, “they’re not for marijuana” and “they don’t believe in it” and would not be renewing any cannabis industry leases in buildings they own.”

It is my favorite indicator of exactly how dumb someone is, when they say they don’t “believe” in cannabis. 7-Eleven must “believe” something about it…enough to force four small business owners out of their locations with as little as 14-days notice.

I don’t believe in Santa, but I’m not trying to purchase the space beneath some kid’s Christmas tree to throw him and his presents out in the street.

Seems like 7-Eleven has the same mindset as half of our Boomer relatives on Facebook. Starla Norwood, a registered nurse and co-owner of one of the displaced dispensaries, Nurses Station in Oklahoma City, had this to say to KFOR:

“What we’re hearing from 7-Eleven is they consider this a criminal activity and money laundering, and there are 300,000 Oklahomans with medical cards, and they seem to think their business is not important.”

By showing the same sensibilities as our oldest and most annoying Facebook people, 7-Eleven has chosen to disrespect the medical marijuana industry in such a spectacular way — despite the fact that more than 5 percent of Oklahoma’s entire population ‘believes’ in using marijuana as medicine.

This seems like an especially dangerous and dumb business move in a state with SO many wonderful Quiktrips!

As long as cannabis remains illegal on a federal level, businesses will be forced to continue to bend over for any corporation involved in any aspect of their operation. But we can show 7-Eleven what we think of their bullyish behavior toward mom and pop dispensary owners and their antiquated beliefs on marijuana.

Fam, stop giving 7-Eleven your gas and munchie money.

4 thoughts on “New 7-Eleven Owners Tell Oklahoma Tokers to F*ck Off!

  1. Shit I stopped years ago when Oncue moved across the street from from every single one. Way nicer bathrooms!

  2. Let’s get Bank of Oklahoma involved here… When they closed the grocery store branches of their bank they forced their clients to use 7-Eleven ATMs. I say anybody this involved with Bank of Oklahoma get rid of them because of their tight association with 7-Eleven

    1. Lol I remember when there was a 7/11 on ever corner. Now I don’t think there’s any left here in green country. Go Quick Trip! Gas pop and great munchies! Just so you know some of us aren’t LIBERAL Democrat’s! And to step on our toes only hurts the movement to legalize on a federal level.

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