OKC Metro Weekend Weed Deals Rundown

Dispensaries are all jockeying to keep up with each other, and more and more shops are posting up their best deals to get that elusive edge.

We searched low and super-duper high to give you the rundown on the best weed deals this weekend in the OKC Metro.

405 Budz (Open 24-7) – 1927 S. Air Depot Blvd., Midwest City

They went absolutely bonkers with all OTD deals, like 1000mg candy bars for only $35; carts as low as $25; 100mg Smokies for $19; all Sunday Extracts carts & concentrates at 3 for $100, and Sooner Glue Butter is 4g for $100.

Green Box Dispensary – 2640 NW 10th St., OKC

Green Box keeps putting out impressive new deals, like their own brand “in-house” 2g Dab Sauce for $25, or 1g carts for only $8. They have some top tier daily deals, like free pre-rolls with any purchase of $25 on Saturdays; a “leftovers” mystery mix deal on Fridays; and choose any deal Sundays. Their $85 Pitbull ounce (staff pick!) is also still available, while supplies last.

Cannabis Cabinet – 8121 S. Western Ave. #J, OKC

An amazing happy hour deal here includes BOGO 50% off edibles, pre-rolls and up to 2g of flower every day! Considering their prices are fair on everything, including grams as low as 6$, this is a great deal. Online orders even get an additional 5% off. Happy hour is from 1-3 p.m.; 6-7 p.m.; and 11 p.m. to midnight every day.

PharmaCanna – 13 NW 63rd St., OKC

Another great happy hour here from 4:20-5:20 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. to close gives 20% off everything! They just got in a fresh crop of top strains like Jack Herer, Sour Diesel and Gelato, with top-shelf eighths for only $35. Oklahoma Pure 1g carts are as low as $25 if you buy four. Smokiez 100mg are $19; Green Hornet 100mg at $25; and multiple other edible deals that are also tough to beat. Online orders are 5% off and a review is worth $5 off. First-time patients get 10% off, a free lighter, and a penny pre-roll.

Green Buffalo – Norman [three locations]

Hosting crazy flower deals with all pricing OTD, they are solidifying their place as Norman’s top flower stop. Ounces are as low as $99, eighths at $20 and 1g pre-rolls at only $6. Saturday and Sunday flower is also 10% off here.

American Cannabis Company – 6600 S. Western #A, OKC

Still a top dog in the deals game with awesome OTD prices like $25 1g dabs, $80 ounces, and carts as low as $25.

Emerald Elite THC – 4623 SE 29th St., Del City

These OTD deals have really stepped things up, with $7 eighths of Blue Dream, 3 oz for $350, and you can buy five pre-rolls to get a pre-roll for a penny. A rare THC slushie deal also appeared, for $10 off a 400mg syrup when you buy a 50MG Glazee till 6/29!

Fire Leaf [multiple locations]

They are having a high quality concentrates sale! All White Mousse concentrates are $35; White Mousse champagne shatter is $65 and White Mousse premium pre-rolls for $25 (select locations). Happy hour is 10-11 a.m. and 9-10 p.m. for 5% off flower and 15% off everything else.

Starbuds Hefner 3641 NW 63rd St, OKC

High-quality deals can be found here like 100mg edibles as low as $10, ounces as low as $100, shake ounces as low as $50, five 1g pre-rolls for $25, and four 1g carts for $105 and all with OTD pricing.

Terpinz 3641 NW 63rd St, OKC

This 24/7 shop has clones for only $15 OTD and 4g of Blue Dream wax for $100 OTD.

—Happy and mostly responsible deal hunting this weekend!

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