Black-Owned Dispensaries to Support in Oklahoma City

Like Justice, this list of Black-owned dispensaries falls short and is long overdue.

When the establishment discounts our voices, we can choose to speak with our wallets. This list is a tool to do just that.

Before I list these Black-owned OKC Metro dispensaries you can support today, tomorrow and always, I must recognize the very special person who made it possible: Thank you, Larry C., for tracking down this list and for the invisible superhero cape you wear into the world each day. 

Black-Owned Dispensaries – OKC Metro*

1. Blazin Budz – 210 SW 44th St., OKC

2. Endo Cannabis – 808 NW 6th St., OKC

3. Get Bak’d – 516 S. Coltrane Rd., Edmond

4. Green Elephant – 723 S. Air Depot Blvd., MWC

5. Irie Coughee Shop 6713 NW 23rd St., Bethany

6. Kissing Clouds – 4133 N. Lincoln Blvd., OKC

7. Laughing Hyena -10920 NE 23rd St., OKC

8. Love Budz – 2723 N. Classen Blvd., Building #B, OKC

9. Natural Dreams -1937 Linwood Blvd., OKC

10. Soul Leaf – 1403 S. Midwest Blvd., MWC

11. The Flame – 2704 N. Santa Fe Ave., Moore

12. Tree Life – 2334 N. MacArthur., OKC

13. Urban Wellness – 1515 NE 23rd St., OKC | 33 W. 15th St., Edmond

*This is not an all-inclusive list, but we would love for it to be! Know of a Black-owned dispensary in the OKC Metro we missed? Drop it in the comments.


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