Two Years In, Were Opponents of SQ 788 Right?

With the two year anniversary of SQ 788 on the books and the expiration date on my OMMA card rapidly approaching, I thought it’d be a gas to look back at some of the claims made in SQ 788 attack ads and see how well they aged.

From scare tactics to accusations of faking a “legitimate medical concern,” these people went out of their way to convince average tOklahomans that medical marijuana was out to drag the whole state down into a den of sin. They outspent 788 advocates by a long shot to make sure Boomers were scared shitless of that plant. From the looks of the place, I’d dare say the MMJ economy is keeping more Oklahomans employed than oil and gas…and with less danger of losing life or limb!

Have any of their wildest reefer madness fears come true? Let’s watch a few funny TV commercials and find out…

I can tell this ad was made for people age 65+, who love the current healthcare system and don’t want stinky stoners casting a long shadow over their sweet, legitimate, totally medically necessary pharmaceutical highs.

“Why could anyone get it without a specific medical condition?” IDK, voice over guy, maybe its because half the time doctors don’t know what the specific medical condition IS that’s causing you pain and distress, but they’re more than happy to make an educated guess; think it could be three different things; give you pills for one of them and hope the side effects don’t kill you. If the compounds in this plant work for me and my situation, why shouldn’t it be medical?

And making claims that college freshman could grow up to 12 pounds of weed in their dorm rooms is just a laugh!

First off, there’s not enough room for all that equipment and second, have you met college freshman? The most I got away with in my college dorm room was smuggling a cat in and toking in the shower while my suite mate from Uganda yelled at me for leaving long hairs in the tub. I guess the people watching this ad are to believe grandChad is a good boy who doesn’t do bad stuff and joined a frat for later life connections.

Anger rising…fury building…breathe deep, Skunk…just toke some peace…ahhhh….ok.

“This coalition is not against medical marijuana, this coalition is against this particular state question.” Another lie. For decades the legislature and law enforcement have mercilessly pursued marijuana “offenders,” while simultaneously striking down efforts to make it legal…and then after 788 passed, lawmakers and bureaucrats tried some shady shit to kill off the new law. The No to SQ 788 set would never have supported a law that put less Black and Brown people behind bars.

In the ad, McFerron goes on to show-and-tell table filled with some ridiculously overstuffed bags of oregano, a bowl of gummy bears and a cookie tray filled with 80ish of the worst rolled joints I’ve ever seen. Look at what these low life drug abusers will be allowed to do! his little stunt seemed to suggest.

Hypocrites. I’d like to see their medicine chests!

True, medical marijuana is sometimes stockpiled and shared amongst MMJ patient friends, just in case you’re having an extra pain-filled day — but I’m talking about “I would otherwise be on enough Fentanyl to maybe kill me just so I could go about my daily life” type of MMJ pain patients. So if anything, YES, some might need that much marijuana to get through this sometimes-miserable and painful existence of life in a human meat-suit. Sorry my cannabis is not as respectable as your heroin Fentanyl.

Fucking A, now here comes Dr. Larry Bookman to tell me that “The medical community is not against medical marijuana” — which is an outright lie!

I have an uncle and cousin who are both doctors and around the time this bill was being floated around, we had a heated exchange at the Thanksgiving table, where they were adamant: There are no beneficial effects, and marijuana shouldn’t be made into a classified medical substance. Fortunately, one retired and the other has started to prescribe cards to patients that want them.

Two years later, I’d say we’re doing OK. Imagine that! There will always be abusers of systems — police, politicians and drug abusers come to mind — but that doesn’t mean we should cockblock the good people of this state who legitimately use controlled substances to make their quality of life better.

Opponents of SQ 788 were wrong. I think they know that now. I think I even saw McFerron at the dispensary yesterday. ?

—Punkle Skunk says vote, #BlackLivesMatter & defund the police.

One thought on “Two Years In, Were Opponents of SQ 788 Right?

  1. Great Article as usual skunk. Fun follow up would pro 788 people and medicinal users and how their lives are improved and what kinds of “legal” drugs they were able to get rid of. One of our staff at Kola has given up the 120 OxyContin pills his doctor prescribed for 4-5 smoke sessions a day.

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