Slurri Punch Live Resin Review: Will a Little Dab Do Ya?

Between the glass rig and the butane torch, I feel like something of a mad scientist whenever I dab. While it may look like I’m doing a crazy hippie experiment involving a crack pipe and odd essential oils, in reality I’m catering to the needs of my completely overblown THC receptors and treating them to the most concentrated form of cannabis I can find.

I’m what you would call a daily dabber. If the day ends with Y, and I am alive, then odds are I’m dabbin’! Crippling anxiety requires a helluva hit, and I’ve stumbled across a new brand of concentrate that deserves a review.

Meet Amorphous Extracts Slurri Punch Live Resin.

A dab of Slurri Punch live resin concentrate


The batch of Slurri Punch I am reviewing has my preferred concentrate consistency: A light golden, gooey, granulated consistency — like melted sugar. I imagine it looks like a nightmare to any mosquito that has seen the first Jurassic Park.

4 Amorphous weed bees out of 5


Like any good live resin, this Slurri Punch smells clear and fragrant. Immediately upon opening the jar, my nose is hit with very distinct citrus and berry notes, with a very apparent “gas like” undernote that you would expect from cannabis. Imagine a room full of diesel mechanics, barefoot, crushing barrels full of grapes and lemons…but in the best way. That is the smell.

4 Amorphous weed bees out of 5


This Slurri Punch essentially tastes exactly how it smells. It is so delicious, if it were economically feasible for me to top my ice cream with this, I would do it in a heartbeat! The exhalation has a slight peppery note that I couldn’t quite smell and wasn’t unwelcome in the slightest.

4 Amorphous weed bees out of 5


Guys…I’m really high.

I wanted to keep it at that, I thought it was funny, but for the sake of the review, I won’tThe onset of the effects was immediate. That’s why I do dabs! Slurri Punch provides a very comprehensive high that is dominant in the body. The strain has Indica lineage and it absolutely reflects that in the “computer chair-lock” I am experiencing as I write.

Was it the best idea to review such a good Indica at 4 a.m.? No. Am I going to do several more dabs of it? Absolutely.

5 Amorphous weed bees out of 5


This is the first time I have encountered any product from Amorphous Extracts. They did not provide the product for this review — this bit of live resin was just part of my weekly batch, and it DID NOT disappoint. Slurri Punch is a well rounded, delicious, live resin whose effects I am currently fighting to coherently complete this review. I would absolutely suggest you give ’em a try if you are looking for a new live resin or are curious about cannabis concentrates.

4.5 Amorphous weed bees out of 5!

—Trever can confirm that, Yes, a little dab will do ya!

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