Booming July 4th Weekend Weed Deals

I think everyone is ready for a holiday, and the 4th is shaping up to be an amazing one — for our weed and wallets, at the very least! Almost every single dispo is waving their deal flag high in the sky, so definitely be sure to check-in on your favorites.

With this many weed deals, it’s easy to get lost, so we searched low and very high for the very best deals this holiday weekend.

Likewise – Five Locations
Likewise is doing a high quality “Four Days of Fourth of July” sale with five 100mg Smokiez only $70 OTD and five 1g pre-rolls for $30 OTD this Friday. On Saturday they’re open from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. and it’s pick any deal, including four Sunday 1g carts or concentrates for $100, six Apothecary 1g shatter for $100, and Releaf or The Clear carts are also four for $100.

Every day there’s high quality $180 ounces or $30 eighths OTD. The bulk edible deals are a huge value, including the best brands like Cheeba Chews, Green Hornet, and Dose as low as four 250mg packages for $100 OTD! Their Craft location also has a super slick drive-thru.


Fire Leaf – Seven Locations
Another huge holiday sale is going down here on the 4th! All their deals are tax-included and every $75+ purchase gets a penny 100mg WOOZie, which is like flavorless THC oil you can drizzle on any food/drink or bake with! There’s big savings. like five 250mg Outlaw Edibles for $100 or five 125mg packs for $60. 4g Dab Lab dabable concentrates are $115 and their 1g carts are three for $100.

Fire Leaf’s ULTIMATE DEAL, however, is Tina’s Kitchen Fresh Baked July 4th Cookies & Cupcakes! These are only available Saturday and Sunday and at only $10 for 100mg, the price is hard to beat! And nothing is better than warm gooey edibles fresh from the oven.


Big Buds – 1000 NE 63rd St., OKC
This dope dispo has 20% off the first visit and a special “infused pre-roll” the second visit. Any $100 purchase also comes with a free top-shelf gram! As if that wasn’t enough, all their normal prices are great — making these deals outta-control: Quality grams as low as $4.50, 1g carts for $20, 100mg Smokies for $16, and they are one of the only dispos I’ve seen selling THC espresso.


Green Light District – 10717 N. May #A, The Village
This dope dispo has 20% off the first visit and 20% off online orders. Their daily deals are great, including $10 top shelf gram on Mondays; $30 eighths for all strains on Tuesdays; BOGO pre-roll on Wednesdays; 10g top shelf for $75 on Thursdays; $150 ounces OTD on Fridays; and two free Lil’Cavi joints every Saturday. They also have a deal wheel Monday through Saturday.


Happa Wellness – 10908 N. Western, OKC
They make their own cookie and brownie edibles with a massive 4.9 total rating on Weedmaps. Their page just says to come in for “Discounts for Sure”, but with 1g carts as low as $22, 1g live resin at $32, and $25 eighths their regular prices are deals enough.


High Society –5900 NW 50th St., #B, Warr Acres
As usual, they have insane deals on everything. But July has even more, so they are especially noteworthy, but there are just too many to list.

—Wishing you the highest and happiest 4th of July ever!

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