G Pen Pro: Smokeless Wonder…or Just Hot Air?

When COVID-19 first hit and lung health was top-of-mind, we wrote about the benefits of dry herb vaping and why it’s so great you may never light up again. Moving into to a non-smoking apartment complex really brought the issue to a head.

I finally broke down and bought one…now I get to tell you if it’s worth the money.

Meet G Pen Pro: 

The G Pen Pro with all the goodies

I purchased mine at Get Bak’d in Edmond for $89.99 (last one on the shelf, but if you don’t require instant gratification, you can buy it online). For under a hundred bucks, you get:

  • G Pen Pro
  • Charger
  • Cleaning brush
  • Tool for loading and cleaning
  • Instructions in a fancy box

Like just about every other device that comes with a USB, the G Pen Pro must be charged before use. This took an extraordinary amount of time to charge: three to four hours. Bummer!

Once fully charged, I got down to the business of following the instructions:

  1. Grind up some flower.
  2. Place it into the chamber area.
  3. Push the button five times quickly.
  4. Choose your heat setting (low, medium or high — obviously, I set mine to high).
  5. Wait for the red lights to stop flashing.
  6. When all four red lights are illuminated, it’s time to puff away!

The G Pen will stay on for approximately four minutes or whenever it decides it’s too hot. That’s also about how long the flower will last.

A peek inside the G Pen Pro shows the chamber that holds the ground cannabis


I love smoking joints more than any other form of medicating, because of the consistent smoothness it delivers. Did I get that smoothness with the G Pen Pro? Not exactly, but I do get that smooth taste on the first hit, each time. After that, it has that burnt popcorn taste.


The entire reason I bought the G Pen Pro was so I could “smoke” inside my non-smoking apartment. It absolutely does that trick. I used fairly heavily the other day, and Weed Dad came home from work and suggested I use some air freshener because the house smelled like burnt popcorn.

On the bright side, it did not smell like weed or smoke!

The first night…me and Weed Dad sat on the patio puffing away, and after two rounds I was toasted!

Battery Life

I’m a little disappointed in the battery life, signaled by four LED lights. Usually, after I go two rounds on it, the battery drops off one of the lights. That seems a little fast to me, given how long it takes to charge and for how heavy it is.


Here’s what really matters: Does the G Pen get you high? Does it work? Fuck yes! The first night I loaded up the chamber with some of my home grown mystery strain, Earl. Me and Weed Dad sat on the patio puffing away, and after two rounds I was toasted. It continues to do the job with other strains.


I’d grade the G Pen Pro a solid “B.” It definitely does the job — you can get super high without smelling like weed or smoke — but the taste isn’t always the best, and the battery could be better.

Overall, this device is worthy of a slot in the paraphernalia lineup for times lovers of cannabis flower find themselves with the need to be discreet. You can always blame the burnt popcorn smell on the kids.

Pro Tip: Clean the chamber and screen when they are both still warm, and the oil and flower will come off like melted butter.

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