5 DIY Drinks for the Dank Days of Oklahoma Summer

Well it looks like Okies are ready for some fun in the sun! According to the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority, you guys are trying to cool off with a nice medicated slushy.

With the Nope! guidance presented in the OMMA notice, it’s looking like an uphill battle to get a slushie made fresh from your favorite dispensary. Sure, some shops may skirt the rules with non-medicated snocones and the equivalent of a THC sidecar, but professional slushie makers they are not.

But don’t let that dishearten you! I’m here to tell you how to make your own silly slushies…and give you my five favorite flavor combos, so you can make your own refreshing, medicated drinks at home this summer.  

Step 1: Get some sort of THC infused drink additive (I’m sure you see where this is going). Happy Sap, Treesap and Treacle are three brands we have used and enjoyed.

Step 2: Put it in your favorite Slurpee, Icy, Icee, Slush, Slushie, Sno Cone, Snow Cone or other delicious drink. How hard is that?! Come on people, THINK!

Now you might be saying to yourself, “But Croctopus, I know nothing in the ways of cocktail chemistry. What flavors should I mix?!” I’m glad you asked.

Here are my 5 favorite slushie flavor combos:

1. The Tiger King 

Growing up just a few miles from Joe Exotic’s tiger jail made the docuseries, to me, less surprising and more embarrassing. While Garvin County isn’t completely full of people like Joe, there are enough to make it worrisome. With that aside, how do you make a tiger into a king? MORE TIGER!

Fortunately, TreeSap and Treacle are available in tiger’s blood flavor. Pick up a bottle, head to your favorite snocone vendor and order a tiger’s blood. Drizzle that TreeSap on there and BOOM! Tiger King.

2. Cherry Limeade 

Whether it be from Braum’s or Sonic, cherry limeades are one of my favorite summertime drinks. You can do this one of two ways, depending on if you like cherry or lime more. Grab either a cherry or lime slush and add Outlaw Edible’s lemon-lime flavor Happy Sap or TreeSap’s cherry flavor to make your own cherry-lime concoction.

3. Grapeade 

Back in the day I used to get down on some grapeade Snapple. I haven’t seen it in a while, but one of my favorite Sonic Slushes is grape with fresh lime. Something about that super sweet grape mixed with a little tartness really speaks to me. So take some of that lemon-lime Happy Sap and put it in your grape and lime slush and enjoy your afternoon, silly!

4. Sugar Free Slushies

Look, not everyone can get down with sugar. Maybe you are diabetic or one of those low-carb folks. I’ve been there. Sometimes you just want a treat without the guilt. Well, most of the sweet THC syrups I have mentioned are made with a lot of sugar, but don’t worry! I’ve got something for you guys.

J&J Farmaceuticals makes a product called Fairy Dust. This stuff is live resin powder that is meant to be eaten rather than smoked. Why do I mention it? Because it’s freakin water soluble!

For the most part, THC/CBD/etc., are fat soluble. This means that most extracts are made using a fat like oil or butter. It’s really hard to dilute oil into water without a significant amount of work but with Fairy Dust, you can add THC to your beverage without adding any fat or sugar to the party!

5. Dulce De Leche Coffee Shake 

Yeah, I know that shakes aren’t slushies. I don’t care. I like coffee and sweet, sweet cream. Go to Braum’s and get yourself a Dulce De Leche milk shake. Drink it down a bit and add some of Align Labs Cold Brew Coffee and mix that shit in. I’m doing that chef’s kiss (emoji coming fall 2020) right now. You don’t even know, dude!

I hope this has inspired you to leave OMMA alone with your questions about slushies and just make your own. The only limits are your imagination!

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  1. Damn that sounds tasty, making me want some…I still have some of that Woozie left I might try!

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