It’s No Secret, L.A. Confidential is Euphoric & Uplifting

This past weekend, I headed over to Dank’s in Norman to snag an eighth of L.A. Confidential grown by High Sunshine Farms. I would be leaving the house tonight – something to really celebrate these days – and I rolled as many joints as I could.

Now, I’ll never lie to my fellow tOkies: I was leaving the house in the name of music, to see a concert at Blue Note with my old toking buds Shotgun, Giant Beard Guy and Bartending Dudes. I know, I know…Coronavirus. But don’t judge me too harshly…yet!

Strap in; your ever faithful Safety Skunkle is here with a tale about L.A. Confidential and not throwing caution to the wind.

Meet L.A. Confidential.

L.A. Confidential boasts cerebral effects bordering on the psychedelic, with thought-provoking and mood-lifting qualities.

A cross between OG L.A. Affie x Afghani, this popular and awarded indica won High Times Cannabis Cup Strain of the Year in 2006 and is famous for its psychedelic yet calming effects and euphoric high.


L.A. Confidential is a grower, not a shower.

While not a looker, you couldn’t tell by how much I don’t have left! The buds still had plenty of green, with bountiful bits of orange and purple hairs. It was the cure that made this batch perfect for my mission.

The nice fluffy buds had just the right amount of dry to sticky ratio, which helped it chunk up a bit and made it perfect for rolling. I broke down and used a grinder, if only for the shear amount of bud I had to break up. I could have done it the old fashioned way if I felt like giving myself a hand cramp!

Woo! I don’t know if you remember the last time you broke down a large amount of marijuana (I’m talking more than an eighth), but I can’t remember getting dizzy before from the smell alone!

Wonderful earthen pine scents started off my arboreal trail, but by the time I got to rolling the tenth joint, the room began to feel like I was trapped in a car freshener – it’s that pungent!

Pro Tip: Use a Q-tip dipped in pure sparkling, triple distilled mineral mountain water to seal up your doinks and keep saliva out of the conversation altogether. I told you I was careful! But now, into the lions den…

Feeling much like Weedy Wonka, I was passing out joints to all my patient pals while, keeping enough to last me the night. Remember, if they allow smoking on the patio, it’s legal to toke herb too! Know your rights!

Burning slow and even, my pals remarked on how mountain fresh L.A. Confidential felt coming in and out of their lungs. Like athletes that have trained in high altitudes for this moment of reunion, we smoked those joints down to our fingertips and hurried inside to catch the show.

I thought having to wear a mask while head-banging would make me enjoy the show less, but not really. Like cuddling with a soft blanket for my face, the AC kept up and didn’t make me sweat too profusely, although I am a sweaty guy, with the only downside being my weed/beer breath.

With bands Green Beard and Bugnog bringing the doom, I was enveloped in that age-old feeling of being lost in the music. While drums crashed, basses thumped, guitars roared and voices screamed about sharing one last toke at the end of the world, I entered a Zen-like bliss for live music lovers.

Jumping up and down, clapping and yelling from the confines of my face mask, I felt no shame in letting it all out and, in truth, it was as if the crushing weight of isolation was lifted off my soul and replaced with joy and feelings of oneness with all beings.

Man, music and good weed can do that to a guy.


4 out of 5 Skunks! ????

L.A. Confidential is undeniably good stuff, but I can’t be certain if it was the smoke or the setting that made it feel next-level. Despite being a no-bullshit indica, this heady strain uplifts and elates, making it a great choice for those about to rock…and for those suffering with depression or anxiety in the unfolding planetary chaos.

—Uncle Skunk had too much fun and took no pics at Blue Note.

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