One Year In, Happy Ogle Counts Down Top Stories: Part 1 of 2

The Happy Ogle is celebrating its first birthday! Not every digital publisher gets to celebrate their special anniversary with fires, pandemics, protests, pandering politicians and, of course, personal demons brought on by months of solitary confinement!

Happy Birthday to Us!

Over the last year, we’ve explored Oklahoma’s thriving cannabis culture; reviewed some killer weed; criticized state government; and kept you informed on all the local canna-shenanigans!

Of the 20 stories our attractive, smart and loyal readers loved most from The Happy Ogle’s first year, here is Part 1 of 2, numbers 20-11:

20. The Blunt Truth About Weed & Work in Oklahoma

Feb. 3, 2020 | This story pointed out several key points about medical marijuana in the workplace. Basically, we told you that if you don’t smoke on the job, don’t have a safety-sensitive job or aren’t a federal employee…you’re golden!

19. Terpenes: What They Are & Why Nerdy Stoners Won’t Stop Talking About Them

July 25, 2019 | Terpenes are the part of the cannabis you smell, crucial to an informed cannabis-buyer’s purchase decisions — BAM! — article summarized! This terpenes chart is a keeper for medical marijuana patients, a good reference for which terpenes are good for what ails ya.

18. Brokelahoma: Public School Refuses MMJ Dispensary Donation

Oct. 19, 2019 | Believing medical marijuana to be the devil’s lettuce, Ponca City School District refused a donation from a community dispensary despite being broke as fuck like most public schools in Oklahoma, with teachers literally begging for school supplies. The decision was so shocking, industry OG High Times even wrote about it.

17. Famous Oklahomans We’d Like to Slip an Edible

Feb. 4, 2020 | We did some sativa daydreaming about famous Okies we would love to slip a cosmic brownie with large amounts of THC except that it would be illegal and Brandon did not want to go to jail. We still laugh when we read this one.

16. Cooking with the Croctopus: Pressure Cooker Decarb and Infusion

Nov. 5, 2019 | Our crazy pal Croctopus teaches us how to make edible oils UNDA PRESSUA! Since this is the most foundational aspect of creating DIY edibles, our readers really paid attention! And hopefully didn’t blow anything up.

15. Oklahoma Concentrates: All You Wanted to Know but Were Afraid to Ask

Jan. 15, 2020 | We concentrated on the ins and outs of cannabis extracts, so you can be better informed to forget everything you just learned immediately after your first dab! Consider this feature Concentrates 101 — and we’re schooling you. In a good way.

14. Oklahoma Weed Review: Kola Organics

Nov. 19, 2020 | Buddy Christ, we reviewed some mind-blowing weed! In this special edition, our reviewers toked up on three Mt. Everest-level top-shelf strains from Kola Organics and have been chasing those dragons ever since.

Nov. 7, 2019 | We take a deep dive into the strange types of dispensaries Oklahoma has to offer! From your hole-in-the-wall, to your wannabe-Apple Store, Oklahoma has them all!

12. Oklahoma Gov. Stitt Prefers Budget Bust to Recreational Marijuana

April 27, 2020 | Another unsurprising story about how our Covidiot leader would rather go broke than legalize — and tax the shit out of — recreational, adult-use marijuana!

Nov. 18, 2019 | This sensational story of a budtender who got fired over a turkey sandwich (or so he believed) really cracked us up! It also pissed off the very serious vegans, who came for us on this one — which cracked us up even more, since the author is a very silly vegan. If there was ever some Oklahoma shit, THIS is it.

—We hoped you had as much fun with this countdown as we did. Stay tuned for Part 2 next week!

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