Pro Tips to Renew Your Oklahoma Medical Marijuana License

Are you like me? Someone who got so excited about the prospect of going into a dispensary that you got your license way earlier than you needed to? Well, guess what folks — it’s time to start thinking about renewing that bad boy or be doomed to a life of crime!

The Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority has made a 9-minute video outlining the process for renewing your license. No offence to Alicia, but government funded instructional videos can be pretty dry. Thankfully, I’m here to break it down for you.

There are three big things to keep in mind when renewing your O.M.M.A. license:

1. You cannot renew your license sooner than 30 days before it expires. Don’t start today if your license expires in September. Don’t be such an eager beaver!

2. You need access to the email address you first used to apply for your license. If you don’t have access to that email address and can’t figure it out, what are you doing with your life? Pick an email address and stick with it. If you really don’t know your email address, it has been rumored that you can call OMMA for help — (405) 522-6662 — may God have mercy on your soul!

Now, that doesn’t seem so terrible, but I do have some bad news…

3. You need a new signed Physician Recommendation Form. I wish I could just sign in, pay a renewal fee, and get on with my life, but I guess OMMA wants to make sure you still have anxiety or whatever. Thankfully, Happy Ogle recently sorted the cheapest Oklahoma weed docs (and one to avoid at all costs). If your family doctor is not down with the dank medicine or you’re too embarrassed to ask, use one who won’t say No. 

Same as before, once you have your…

  • signed physician recommendation,
  • new passport sized photo that’s just as terrible as the first one,
  • proof of identity,
  • proof of residency,
  • enough money to pay for the license,
  • and your email address…

Head over to OMMA’s “Returning Applicants” section and get going!

“License Dashboard” view of menu “Actions” options, once you’re signed in to your OMMA account

From this point on, everything should start to look familiar, because you are basically applying again.

  1. From your “License Dashboard,” click the hamburger icon under “Actions.”
  2. Click “Patient Renewal.”
  3. Verify all the information, starting with “Badge Number,” which is your license ID. I don’t know why they always use different terms in different areas. I’m guessing so they can make government work more EXCITING!
  4. Upload all your new documents.
  5. Pay.
  6. Hope like hell you didn’t screw up.

Good luck, friends. And if you have any problems, don’t shoot the messenger! Instead, shoot an email over to the OMMA or call them: (405) 522-6662. The comment section is for giving me recommendation recommendations.


2 thoughts on “Pro Tips to Renew Your Oklahoma Medical Marijuana License

    1. That’s sah-weet Jennifer!
      True story – I was buying a pack of Camels at the neighborhood smoke shop and could not produce my DL ID (misplaced again!) I knew fer sure I had it somewhere in my wallet (or between the seats but just couldn’t find it! Ran across my OMMA card in my wallet, handed it to clerk and ask “Will this do instead?”
      She smiled a big toothy grin and said with a wink, ‘Sweety, you BET it will!” I was able to buy my Camels and drive home, sit under the big pin oak and enjoy the finest,smoothest blend of Turkish tobacco ever inhaled.
      OMMA card to the rescue AGAIN!
      But on the flip side, I do understand it won’t be worth beans for a traffic ticket tho….so I really need to find that damn DL!

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