We Smoked Blue Dream…Then Did It Again With Hash. OMG!

Blue Dream is an all-time California classic with a great mellow high, and the fresh ones at Fire Leaf smelled amazingly like Skittles! This strain is a great example of that classic chill hippie vibe type feeling. It’s a kind of not too hot, not too cold high that is very relaxing. 

I lucked out and got an eighth of this Blue Dream, a chillum, kief bong screens, a T-shirt, and a gram of CJ’s dry sift hash for $36 flat! I used to risk my life for $50 eighths. What a paradigm shift! 

First, Meet Blue Dream:

Bud Profile

Blue Dream grown by Red Dirt, available at Fire Leaf Dispensaries

This was some very well cultivated Blue Dream! Grown by Red Dirt, the buds were a healthy green. It was fine to hold, but when I ground it up, the kief would stick to EVERYTHING! It even stuck to the paper funnel I made to scoop it into my bong. The flower is very thick and dense, with trichomes pressing together on every inch. 

Conventional wisdom is that it could be a 50/50 hybrid, and the true genetics are also currently debated. I feel like it’s more of a sativa-dominant hybrid, heavy on the ‘hybrid.’


The smell was easily in my top three cannabis scents. I gotta say it had an amazing smell that was exactly like Skittles. When ground up, it changed to a distinct cinnamon with hints of sour fruit, almost like if an apple pie were a hard candy.

The taste was conversely flavorless and strangely neutral. 

For the smoke taste, it was hard to judge. There were a couple of seeds in the buds, which is normal but can mess up my ability to taste the smoke. Harsh, but strong I guess. I did repeat this being sure not to grind the seeds and got a more normal, smooth, flavorless draw. 


Being uplifted and having a super case of the munchies happened every time I lit this stuff up. I loved using this to help increase my appetite and had some success.

Blue Dream turned my usual anxiety down quite a couple dials and made even the worst evening seem nice. I was still a little startled by my neighbors opening their garage door, but nothing irrational crossed my mind for once. No worry or paranoia.

If that doesn’t sound like high praise, it is! I must also warn I was so high, in fact, that I lost my pen and played Hearthstone for an hour without realizing I wasn’t even wearing my headphones. The cerebral effects are something to be cognizant of, but overall the haze wasn’t too bad.

Losing in online games when it should have been frustrating was actually enjoyably eye-opening. If you want a strain to play games with your friends with, this would rank this very high up there. 

Personal Bud Effects Scoring

Pain: 6/10
Creativity: 7/10
Brain: 9/10
Productivity: 5/10

Overall Strain Rating


Then I added CJ’s Wedding Cookies Hash to the Blue Dream…

10/10 (WOW!)

This made the perfect combo with the Blue Dream. By sprinkling it on top, it picked up the mellow strain with a bit of energy. The high was exquisite and one to remember. I didn’t think I would ever be impressed by hash, but the high-quality is very impressive indeed. 

CJ’s Wedding Cookies Hash really wan’t fucking around! Usually, when I smoke hash, it’s a bit harsh or I get a headache — but this stuff cured one! CJ’s must have Dr. Clean working over there, because this was the smoothest, cleanest-smoking stuff ever. Their custom glass container kept the dank lemon smell extremely fresh, and just a dab will do ya. It’s obvious CJ’s really care about quality. 

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