Hot Diggity! Weekend Weed Deals

The more we can save, the more we can blaze! While working on the next catchy cannabis proverb, we were able to track down the best deals in Oklahoma this week and arrange them for your convenience.

As you may have seen on the news, the OMMA has GLAZEE™ THC slushies in its crosshairs, and you need to get ’em before the Authority takes them away forever! Obviously, we got the best deals for you on those, too.

Top Glazee Deals

RT 66 Organics – 7820 NW 39th EXPY, Bethany

They have a happy hour from 12-2 p.m. and 6-8 p.m. every day: 2g premium shelf for $20 and 15% off edibles, concentrates, topicals and accessories. That includes Glazees! Their other deals, like eighths for $30 OTD, 1g carts as low as $20, free lighters with purchases over $25, and 15% off for new patients or if you leave a Weedmaps review are also wonderful.

Emerald Elite THC – 4630 SE 29th St., Del City

All their regular low prices and sales are tax-included, which is already a deal. Not only do they have Glazees, but they are giving out pre-rolls like candy! If you bring in a new friend, you both get a pre-roll. If you are new, you get a pre-roll. If it’s your birthday, you get a pre-roll! 

They have $5 grams, $5 pre-rolls, eighths as low as $15, 2 ounces of shake for $100, and four 1g Helix carts for $100.

Tegridy Market – 2811 Dorchester Dr., OKC

These guys have started price matching! That is tough to beat, and they also have Glazee’s for $12.95, a couple of dollars less than the rest. First-timers can add 20% off!

Their current deals include grams as low as $8, eighths as low as $20, 100mg edibles (including CHEEBA CHEWS & Green Hornet) at three for $45, 1g vape carts as low as $20, and 1g extracts as low as $25!

They have also been having single-day collaborator pop-up deals, so keep an eye out for those here and at Fire Leaf.

 Other Deals

Memorial Drive Dispensary – 4419 S. Memorial Dr., Tulsa

A new dispo is in town as they have recently opened with all OTD prices on deals like 1g carts for $25, 1g AK47 Live Resin for $35, 1g pre-rolls for $5, eighth as low as $25, 20mg edibles at $4 and 150mg edibles at $15.

First-timers get 20% off here and great daily deals that change.

Fire Leaf – All locations

20% off any one item or 10% off one top-shelf flower purchase, includes shake! They also have $25 carts and $3 pre-rolls.

Steel House Organics – 1331 Quality Ave., Norman

Ok, this is CRAZY! They are giving a free tour of their cannabis garden grow-op with ANY purchase! WHAT?! If a free tour wasn’t enough, they have top-shelf eighths as low as $20, and all concentrates are 2g for $60.

Planet Terpene – 56226 US HWY 59, Colcord

Another new dispo has made it to Weedmaps, with grams as low as $5, eighths for $25, and ounces as low as $75! New patients get 10% off and a penny pre-roll.

A-Plus – 10330 E 21st St., Tulsa

Ok, they just constantly post up crazy deals so I decided to highlight them this week because they have now evolved into ultimate deal makers. They have $35 ounces of shake, two clones for $25, 2g top shelf for $20, $125 ounces, and two high-quality pre-rolls for $15!

That’ll do it for this week’s deals! Don’t sleep on the big deal-players like Mango Cannabis, Capital Dank, and 24/7 dispos like Project Relief, and High Society — their specials are always worth a look!

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