Ballin’ on a Budget? Durban Fruit Does It!

Jingo here! We all love smoking off of the top shelf. Top-of-the-line! Best-of-the-best! That reaaaal, “good good!” What happens when your funds run short? Stick with me! When my pockets are looking flat I pay tribute to the middle shelf!

I had a review to write. Not gonna get into the details, but I did not have a lot of cash to work with. Life is a real bitch sometimes, so I headed down to Tegridy Market. I was on my way to Lake Hefner to take a nice, FREE walk, and clear my head.

I needed a strain that was potent, preferably sativa, and above all else affordable.

My budtender, Alex, greeting me walking in. The sounds of rock ‘n’ roll filled the air. His Grateful Dead shirt assured me I was in decent hands. I needed a strain that was potent, preferably sativa, and above all else affordable.

Lucky for me, they were providing a 20% discount on flower, so this trip was already a slam dunk! At this point I wanted to see pretty much everything. Chase, the additional budtender on duty, joined the hunt! Eventually they pointed me to Durban Fruit. Goods were exchanged, friends were made, and laughter filled our hearts…that is how I remember it, anyway.

Meet Durban Fruit.

Durban fruit is a 60/40 sativa dominant hybrid cross of Sunset Sherbet and Agent Orange. Testing out at 28.93% THC, it doesn’t seem to be playing around. Try it for yourself! You will see why the growers down at Resonant Cultivation in Paul’s Valley decided to add this strain to the collection.

Durban Fruit grown by Resonant Cultivation


At first glance, Durban Fruit appeared to be a light straw yellow. Upon closer examination I found a dusting of trichomes, entrenched among light purple and dark green leaves, which wrapped around a near-white flower. The amber hue can be attributed to an abundance of golden hairs, simply coating the entire surface of the bud. Very attractive indeed!

3 out of 5 🙂


The first thing that hits my nose is pepper. This is followed by a lot more pepper! After the spice calmed down, I notice flavors of orange zest, lemon and straw. Finally a touch of gasoline, paired with a sweet scent of fennel or black licorice. Not a lot of depth to the terpenes on this one, although pepper is the mark of Caryophyllene, which is believed to be excellent to combat inflammation.

3 out of 5 🙂


The spicy qualities of this bud were just as forward on the first hit as they were on first whiff! Next. Think fresh peat or potting soil, pine needles and bitter orange rind. All of this was followed by a light but robust offering of fresh garlic. Although the flavor provided more depth than the smell, the pepper overpowered the other terpenes. Really nice, start-to-finish.

3 out of 5 🙂

This strain would prove to be wonderful for ADHD.


After just a few tokes out of my little spoon pipe, a body high set in quickly. The effects were very relaxing. This was accompanied by a bright focused head high initially. This strain would prove to be wonderful for ADHD. The mental aspect of the high was up-and-down for a moment. Moving from elation to mild confusion and back again. When what I assumed to be a minor case of anxiety faded, I found that most of my normal aches and pains had faded as well! I believe it would have been just as good for performing basic physical tasks, as it was for writing this review!

3 out of 5 🙂


I think the folks out at Resonant Cult did a pretty great job with this one. Not only did this strain fit my needs, it fit my budget! Durban Fruit is a great choice for smokers of all experience; just remember, sometimes less is more, and sometimes more is a nap! 😉 Mid-day through early-evening, this strain stood out in stark defiance of my nagging pains. If you are looking for something that will provide some bang-for-your-buck. Durban fruit will put some spring in your step!

This mid shelf selection, scored right down the middle in all categories. I highly recommend trying it. Overall I give it…

3 out of 5 🙂

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