Your 10 Favorite Stories from Happy Ogle’s First Year (Oh, what a year)!

Over the last year, we’ve explored Oklahoma’s thriving cannabis culture; reviewed some killer weed; criticized state government; and kept you informed on all the local canna-shenanigans!

Here are the top 10 stories from Happy Ogle’s first year on Earth, counting down to #1…

10. COVID-19 Crash Tilts Oklahoma Closer to Recreational Marijuana

If 2020 taught me anything, it is that recreational cannabis in Oklahoma won’t come for the right reasons (relieving overcrowded prison system, general immorality of banning a plant, etc.). However, it MAY happen to help our brokeass state survive a global pandemic. Still crossing joints and fingers on this one.

9. 8 Things Stoned Oklahomans Can’t Stop Buying

It’s funny because it’s true! Here is a fun list of 8 Oklahoma staples that coronavirus isolation and medical cannabis led us to purchase almost as much as cannabis! ALMOST…

8. Kola Organics: Inside a Medical Marijuana Grow Operation

We take a deep dive into one of the beating hearts of the Oklahoma cannabis industry, Kola Organics‘ 65,000 square feet grow facility! This insider’s view is a cannabis lover’s sticky icky dream.

7. One Night in Oklahoma: Braum’s, Edibles & Storm-Chasing

Join Uncle Skunk on a crazy marijuana-fueled, Oklahoma-branded, storm chase! It’s got tornadoes! It’s got Braum’s! It’s got edibles! What more could ya want!

6. The Sweet Stoner’s Guide to Valentines Day Gifting

Apparently, ya’ll needed some ideas for your stoner sweethearts! We gave you some cannabis-related Valentine day ideas (some hilarious, some sexy!), so you and your sweetheart could get high enough to forget why you probably don’t actually like each other that much.

5. These 5 Oklahoma Celebrity Weed Brands Are Making Their Debut at Cannabis Cup!

Do you have a weird love-hate but mostly love-to-roast thing with Oklahoma celebrities!? Well, if so here is a carefully curated, totally fake list of the celebrity brands that should have debuted at Oklahoma’s inaugural Fyre Fest Cannabis Cup in 2019.

4. Gov. Stitt Screws GOP Allies, Industry, Citizens on Cannabis Reforms

A while back there was a good chance that cannabis delivery, among other things, might happen. Well thanks to good ol’ Stitt, that ain’t happening anytime soon! You guys really had a laugh at this one…

3. New 7-Eleven Owners Tell Oklahoma Tokers to F*ck Off!

New 7-Eleven owners said some really shitty things about medical marijuana and kicked out a few dispensaries from buildings they purchased. Needless to say, Oklahoma cannabis users WERE NOT happy. Fuck 7-Eleven. At least that’s how ya’ll felt after reading this one.

2. I Survived: OKC Cannabis Cup Descends Into Fyre Festival-Inspired Nightmare…

The first-ever Oklahoma Cannabis Cup took top honors in its own Biggest Shit Show Ever contest! This is our firsthand account of the event and all of the chaos that ensued! It’s still hard to believe this happened!

1. Dispensary Wars: Oklahoma Cannabis Prices Gutted by 50-75%

Coming in at numero uno is an article entirely about how cannabis prices on the Oklahoma market dropped faster than my general faith in humanity during this pandemic! While the prices have since leveled out a bit, it is great to reminisce on literally any time that isn’t now!

—Trever hopes to Tha Doggfather Snoop that Happy Ogle year-two is more rolling joints than rolling dumpster fires. 

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