Weekend Weed Deals Float On Okay in OKC

The world may be in chronic upheaval, but at least Oklahomans have great weed deals to help us all float on okay. We searched very high and low across the OKC Metro for the best deals on the best medicine. 

Bad news for anyone trying to lose those Covid 19lbs, this week has an unusually high number of delicious edible deals… 

Highgarden – 816 W. Britton Rd., OKC

They have $19.99 eighths of dank with the 15% off for new patients. I can vouch it’s top-quality stuff, and they grow it themselves — organically. 200mg Buffalo Roze gummies for $35 ain’t bad. Friday and Saturday everything is 15% off from 8-11 p.m., making their prices quite competitive.

Kush House – 1217 N. Classen Blvd., OKC

You’ll find a wide variety of deals this weekend, including ounces as low as $60 OTD! 7g wax or carts are only $100, 250mg Smokies are two for $60 and a 1,000mg brownie is only $80! Their daily deals are great as well, with alternating $25 top-shelf eighths, $179 top shelf ounces and seven 1g carts for $100 — all OTD!

Highly Green – 6017 NW 63rd St., OKC

Ounces of top-shelf flower, including Pineapple Express, for $115 OTD, with other top-shelf strains at only $100 OTD! Their 500mg Ganja Gummies are three for $105 and 100mg Cheeba Chews are three for $50. Their carts are as low as six for $115 and five top-shelf pre-rolls are $30.

Capital Dank – 301 S. Air Depot Blvd., MWC

Ok, they have 10g wax or 8g carts for $100 and 3,000mg edibles for $100. That might be the lowest dollar-per-THC-mg ratio on record. This was just too crazy to leave out.

The Gas Station – 1012 SW 29th St., OKC

Here you’ll find super high quality Take a Trip concentrates at 1g for $33 OTD and other 1g concentrates for $20 OTD. They have eighths as low as $20 and ounces as low as $135, along with good edible deals like three 100mg Smokiez for $50 OTD.

Kief Leaf – 5587 NW EXPY, Warr Acres

The surprising amount of edible deals continues here, with 1,000mg Black Hole Kosmik gummies for only $70 OTD or 100mg for $20 OTD. Their grams are as low as $3, with $89 ounces or $50 shake ounces along with 25% off top-shelf. You even get a FREE EDIBLE if you spend $10.

Green Escape – 6714 N. Classen Blvd., OKC

Top shelf eighths are only $20 OTD here, and all concentrates are 25% off for a limited time. Alternatively, first-timers can get 20% off and they have a prize wheel.

Native Cannabis Co. – 1460 N. Kelly Ave., Edmond

All their prices are conveniently OTD, and they have $75 ounces every day with grams as low as $5.

Blazed – 4201 N. MacArthur Blvd., Warr Acres

This place has a legit name and $4 grams, $14 eighths and ounces as low as $112. If you buy an ounce they give you a 1g concentrate FREE! They also have great daily deals and regular edible prices, including 100mg gummies for $12 or 200mg Ganja Gummies for $18. They also have a wide variety of 0.5g carts at $15 or lower.

Ancient Remedies – 1135 W. 15th St., Edmond

Freshly harvested top-shelf eighths are only $25 here, and 1g kief-infused pre-rolls are $8. Their edible deals are awesome, like 200mg Keef Cola for only $30 or 500mg gummies for $50. The best part? They take most credit cards!

—Thanks for reading and stay safe out there, everyone. 


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