Dr. Clean: A Cannabis Cure for Tedious Tuesdays

After a recent Gonzolic pilgrimage into the mountains, I was eager to return home to see what special strains the good ol’ 405 had in store for me. I dropped by High Society on NW 50th St. in OKC to get some Kolasaurus … but I also wanted to try something new.

The cannabis slingers at the royal purple palace of 24-hour deals came for me — in masks and gloves, with a little handheld fan — as if there were some sort of pandemic on the loose. What jerks, right?

My budtender led me to seek medical help from Dr. Clean, a strain grown in Oklahoma by Territory Cannabis Co., to see if I’m cleared to return from such mountainous heights to regular Okieing.

Meet Dr. Clean
(Mr. Clean’s Happier, Smarter Sister)

Dr. Clean grown by Territory Cannabis Co., available at High Society dispensary.

Greener than my walls and as crystallized as some Country Time powdered lemonade, this bud is a bountiful bouquet of blazing brilliance. With some strains’ buds being pine tree-ish in appearance, this one reminded me more of a Bradford Pear Tree in structure.

Don’t let that comparison put you off, because the aroma that this bud reeks of is far more appealing than that tree of eternal torture. Breaking up nicely in hand, it crumbled like that smart kinetic sand kids have.

Immediately upon smelling this lemon zested wonder, all of the bad cleaning commercials (that’s the power of Pine-Sol, baby) and cartooned cleaning ladies needing more Lemon Pledge came to mind. While not overwhelming enough to make you dizzy from its fumes, unlike the real stuff, the scent is predominantly citrusy and will snap your eyes open like a too-tart glass of lemonade.

It has just a small hint of sweetness on the back side of its sniff, like lemon bars with a hint a powdered sugar that might actually make your stomach growl. Does Louis know where the best lemon bars in town are made? Probably not, because Auntie Skunk makes ‘em!

Burning evenly in my bong, Riptaur, the exhale through my nose picked up more of that freshly squeezed citrus juice. While I’m not sure if it was more lemony or limey, you can judge this cleaning product by its cover: Have no doubt that it’s smoother than this doctor’s slightly less ambitious brother’s head. If you think you’re not a fan of the flavors and smells I just described above, try it anyway! See if this cleans your mind of any preconceived notions.

1 hit, 2 hit, 3 hit, floor…that I’m cleaning! I don’t want to say it gave me crackhead concentration, but as I was toking I noticed that since my return from the mountains, I’d fallen behind on tidying. You can tell this is a sativa-dominant hybrid; it does a great job of motivation while scrubbing away the anxiety that can be associated with these types of strains.


4 out of 5 Skunks! ????

A great pick-me-up for a noontime toke or an after-work smoke, this medically knowledgeable practitioner is sure to cure your case of Tuesday blues with a prescription of citrus smiles. Just what the doctor ordered!

—Uncle Skunk met Raoul Duke’s ghost on his trip.

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