OMMA Overlords Suffer Brain Freeze Over THC Slushies

More than two years in to Oklahoma’s medical cannabis program, we have seen relatively few instances of regulatory crackdown by the Overlords at the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority. That may be changing.

We told you about the serious beatdown OMMA gave Moon Mix LLC over their deadly shenanigans (i.e. knowingly poisoning Oklahomans with toxic vape cartridges filled with hot dog water and pesticides, which can turn to cyanide when vaped).

Now, our OMMA Overlords have set their sights on the true evil permeating Oklahoma’s cannabis industry: Slushies.

Via Marijuana Moment:

“Bad news for Oklahoma medical marijuana patients trying to beat the summer heat with a marijuana-infused slushy:

State regulators say the icy beverages “are unlikely to meet requirements set forth in Oklahoma statutes and rules” for cannabis products.”

This is an unfortunate turn of events, because, wow, those THC slushies are delicious — I had one earlier today! It seems, however, that the icy canna-cocktails fail to meet a few of the OMMA’s standards for a safe product.

Marijuana Moment goes on:

 “Regulators say the slushies fail to comply with a number of state rules, such as a requirement that products be packaged in child-resistant containers. Dispensaries themselves also “are not allowed to alter, package, or label products,” regulators said.


State rules further require that all medical marijuana products be tested in their final form. “In this instance, the finished product is the slushy mixture to be dispensed to patients/caregivers, not the syrup,” regulators said. “If water, ice, or any other substance is added to the product, additional testing is required to ensure the product is safe for consumption and final-product labeling is accurate.”

So basically, the slushies were just a big delicious cup of DUH. Unless Glazee, Oklahoma’s market-leader in THC slushies, can do something to drastically change how the product is delivered, it doesn’t seem like there is a way for them to legally stay around, as the laws are written.

As of publication time, the Glazee website still has a list of OKC dispensaries offering their slushies.

The OMMA’s “slushy-machine guidance” memo was mum on the topic of enforcement, which may explain why dispensaries have been slow to stop serving their dreamy summer treats. It’s like when your parents would say, “I’d prefer you didn’t.” Hate to break it to you, mom, dad, girlfriend and OMMA: ‘I’d prefer you didn’t’ is not a ‘No.’ 

Inventive dispensaries like Cultivation Club in downtown OKC have found a smart work-around:

They offer a virgin slushie bar on site, with two delicious flavors (and barista-style flavored syrups in case you are trying to also get a sugar high). The slushies are FREE…go serve yourself up one! Then purchase for $15 a completely separate and legal 100mg THC syringe of strawberry syrup, which comes in a nice, childproof package. Drive home, open that bag, mix in that syrup and have a Happy summer evening.

There’s no telling when our Overlords will have the time and temerity to get tough and finally steal our THC slushie sunshine. Parting advice, Happy friends: GET THOSE THC SLUSHIES before OMMA melts what remains of our summer dreams.

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