Best of the Best Okie Weekend Weed Deals

Guess who’s going on sabbatical! I don’t have any grand ‘so long!’ gesture planned — just gonna do what I do best: Discover and organize this week’s best weed deals into a neat little bundle. Yeeeehawwww!

Native Brothers 11330 N. May Ave., OKC

This highly-rated, tucked-away dispo has ended up becoming my personal favorite, and they have been doing so well they are expanding soon. I am excited about that because they grow their own organic ultra-dank flower that I can’t get enough of.

I highly recommend their ‘Incredible Bulk’. They have 1g pre-rolls for $4.34; grams from $6; 1g concentrates from $21; and a big variety of 1g carts as low as $34. Every Friday it’s 15% off the whole store from 4:20-6:00 p.m., making their prices amazing!

Likewise Cannabis – Multiple Locations

In the end, this was my top go-to dispo that had multiple locations. Their drive-thru is still awesome, and they have great deals and quality with a pretty decent loyalty program. They have frequent company promo days like Fire Leaf, so be sure to watch their deal calendar.

They have great deals that rotate, like 3g quality concentrates for $100 OTD, five 1g pre-rolls for $30, and rock bottom prices on everything. New patients even get a whopping 20% off.

Vertica – 2925 Lakeside Dr., OKC

They have 20% off for new customers, making their prices quite good. They regularly have grams as low as $6.90, edibles as low as $3, Apothecary Extracts wax/sugar for $21.55, .5g carts as low as $18.97 and 200mg Bong Water for only $21.55.

Nice Tree Cannabis – 1120. N. Penn., OKC

Their grand opening sales continue, with all OTD prices, like 1g carts for $17, three 1.5g pre-rolls for only $10, 100mg gummies for $9 or $25 for 500mg, and pick a huge variety of concentrates at 5g for $100. Top shelf grams are only $9 here, and they also have nice combo deals in store that frequently change.

A Plus – 10330 E. 21st St., Tulsa

This dispo really hangs in there, and you can tell the owner cares and is doing his best to always keep their deals updated. That kind of consistency is commendable, and I highly recommend this shop for deals like all-shelf $30 eighths, $75 ounces, $5 grams, and 2 clones for $25. First-timers also get a $1 gram and 10% off!

Native Cannabis Company – 1460 N. Kelly Ave., Edmond

There are crazy deals here like $5 grams, $75 ounces, and all edibles and vape carts BOGO 15-20% off, but they want you to mention their “add” on reddit. New patients get 10% off and concentrates are 3g for $110 OTD. 

Memorial Drive Dispensary 4419 S. Memorial Dr., Tulsa

If you can get past the hilariously uninspired name, all prices at this recently-opened dispensary are OTD. They have grams as low as $6, 1g carts at $25, and amazing daily deals. New patients also get a massive 20% off.

—Thank you for reading, and a big thank you to the entire Happy Ogle crew. May the great deal spirit guide lead us all to glory. Stay safe out there, deal hunters. 

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