I Used Custom THC Tinctures to Treat Anxiety, Pain & Insomnia

If you have seen any of my videos, you know that I am pretty vocal about why I use medical marijuana. For the rest of you, I suffer from some pretty wack anxiety, and my back pain prevents me from getting comfortable enough to fall asleep. Actually, now that I mention it, the anxiety is keeping me up at night as well.

When 788 was passed, I was excited to be able to go into a dispensary and pick out the perfect strain for what ails me. I’d finally have access to sativas for some daytime energy and creativity…and my choice of tasty indicas to help me fall asleep. However, I have learned some things about myself.

  1. I am not really one of those productive stoners. Sativas might give me a quick burst of energy, but I’m going to need a nap afterwards. That makes it super hard to treat my anxiety during the day.
  2. Indicas make me feel good and relaxed, but being physically relaxed doesn’t mean my brain is going to shut down so I can fall asleep.
Green Hornet CBN + THC gummies, available at Fire Leaf

My experiments with different types of weed have yielded some success, but nothing that has been consistently effective for treating these problems. Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy weed and feeling a little silly, but what I really need is sleep. That’s when I discovered Green Hornet’s CBN+THC gummies, available at Fire Leaf dispensary in Stockyards City.

What is CBN?

CBN is what happens when you let your weed get too old. As far as I know, THC-A slowly converts to CBN over time and let me tell you, CBN knocks my ass out!

Cannabinol or CBN is one of the most exciting, fascinating cannabinoids of which we have much to learn

A month or so ago, while looking around for some high-CBN products, I found a tincture at UWD Norman. It was a pure CBN tincture, but they were sold out. I inquired about when they expected more, and they informed me about their customized tincture program.

I was curious, so I asked a few questions. I wanted to know what was in them, aside from your standard cannabinoids and terpenes; what the tinctures could treat; and what the process of customizing looked like.

For the most part, the tinctures are all natural. They are mostly made with cannabinoids and terpenes, but if needed, they might add things like rose hips or melatonin. Things that can aid with with treating whatever ails ya.

Right now, I am on two different tinctures. One for daytime, and one for sleep. The daytime tincture is made with a Blue Dream base with different compounds added to keep my daily anxiety low and inflammation in my back down so I can get some work done. There is a little bit of a psychoactive effect but since I don’t function as well when that’s going on, it’s minimal. They can up that part of it though if you are one of those people who can be productive while twisted.

They also have some tinctures that can be used to lose weight. Apparently, they keep the cravings down so you aren’t snackin all day. I plan on trying it soon.

The process is pretty awesome. I just filled out a medical sheet, very similar to intake papers at a doctor’s office, and tell them what you are having trouble with. A day or so later, they call you up so you can come pick up your samples. The samples only cost a penny, and you can get as many as it takes to get your tincture perfect.

I think I am about there with both of my samples, and they both help with their intended purpose. I’m falling asleep quicker these days and — with my anxiety at bay — my productivity has gone through the roof!

I have not been paid to write this for UWD, I just really like the idea of targeting specific issues with tinctures, and these have been awesome! Check them out in Norman and Edmond.

3 thoughts on “I Used Custom THC Tinctures to Treat Anxiety, Pain & Insomnia

  1. I’m NE of Tulsa and not planning a drive to the other side of the state anytime soon. I have chronic pain & PTSD and I’ve found that JKJ gummies do the trick wonderfully in the evening. I’d like to try a tincture for daytime. I have a fairly low tolerance so smoking usually wrecks me. Hopefully I can find a place that does tinctures closer to home. Thanks for the info!

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