Weed Mom Struck Oil with Rancho Pura Verde “RSO”

Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) is a concentrated form of cannabis oil known to have myriad medicinal benefits

Don’t get me wrong, I love to get high! But I use cannabis sun-up to sun-down for my vast array of medical conditions — particularly my epilepsy and the shit ton of side effects the prescription medications give me.

The marijuana world has been abuzz about the medical benefits Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) for a long time, now, but I had always been too intimidated to try it.

What do I even do with this syringe of brown tarry mess? I thought. Well, you can simply squirt it under your tongue and let your mucous membranes soak up the goodness. Or you could get your ass in the kitchen and whip up some gummies. Or even make lotion with the RSO.

The marijuana world has been abuzz about the medical benefits Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) for a long time, now, but I had always been too intimidated to try it.

When I started researching which brand of RSO to try, I found there was a wide range when it came to consistency. Even within the same brand. Even within the same syringe. I’m using medically; I want consistency throughout my dosage and from day to day. Week to week. I chose Rancho Pura Verde RSO based on that fact.

Their RSO seemed to have the most consistent thickness and beautiful amber coloring. Other brands had the sticky icky on the packaging, and I thought if the “pros” can’t keep it clean, I don’t have a chance. I stayed away from those.

I’ve sourced my Rancho Pura Verde RSO from Legal Limit Dispensary and Highley Green Dispensary, but you can always ask for it at your go-to dispo.

Meet Rick Simpson Oil (RSO).

Syringe of RSO by medical grade farmers and processors, Rancho Pura Verde


The dark brown tarry goodness comes in a 1 gram plastic syringe (no needle) with a rubber cap. Pro Tip: Do not lose the rubber cap. You’ll want to replace that after each use. Unless you’re going to use it all at once, then fuck the cap and whatever else you planned to do with your day.


How do I do it? I’m a simple human! I just squirt some under my tongue. And let the magic happen. It is suggested you follow a dosing chart. Let’s pretend I did.


It tastes like the inside of a edible, but more concentrated. Any guess why? It tastes more like medicine than any other form of marijuana I’ve used, with the exception of the Bison & Rose THC inhaler. That’s because it’s more than like medicine…it is medicine.


Once that tingle hit the back of my throat, I knew I was going to feel something. Then it crept to my head. Score!!! The “high” is a calm relaxing feeling. Very cerebral.

But remember, this is a medicinal product. If you’re a heavy user, have a high tolerance like me and refuse to take T-break, you could add RSO to your daily usage to give your high a kick. It is very easy to get very high with an evening joint, now that I’m using RSO 3-4 times a day.

Medicinal Benefits

Before RSO, my brain felt like a taxi cab driver in New York City rush hour traffic (pre-Covid): Constant chaos, too much noise, congestion — my thoughts sometimes couldn’t even come out as words. Epilepsy will do that to you.

This RSO helps with all of these symptoms. It slows my brain and helps my thoughts come out as actual words. Of course RSO didn’t “cure” my epilepsy, but it sure makes living with it much better.


♥♥♥♥♥ 5/5

Weed Mom struck oil! I’m on my sixth gram of Rancho Pura Verde RSO…it’s now an indispensable part of my medication routine now.

2 thoughts on “Weed Mom Struck Oil with Rancho Pura Verde “RSO”

  1. Ive been stocking Rancho Pura Verde’s RSO at my dispensary, for some time. I am so excited to see someone else share our sentiments about this amazing medicine. I’ve seen,it improve people’s quality of life and I’ve witnesses the miracle of remission 8 times over the past year. The cannabis industry in Oklahoma is fiercely competitive and is mom and pops struggle to survive on the daily, but we have always sold Rancho’s RSO for cost plus tax. We decided we would sleep better if we made it as accessible as possible. Great company and I’m so glad they are being recognized.

  2. I’ve been taking RSO for a year and a half, 1-2 times a day, because I have an undiagnosable and debilitating medical issue. For ten years, no doctor could figure it out. I tried RSO in desperation, and i am happy to report that I no longer have any pain or symptoms from the unknown medical problem. This stuff is a miracle.

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