Only in Oklahoma: Wild West-Style Shootout at American Cannabis

Most of us accept without a second thought the few basic rules we have to follow when we visit a medical marijuana dispensary: No entry without a valid OMMA card, no cutting in line, no touching the flower…and no shooting pistols.

Michael “Pew Pew” Sexton didn’t think the first or final rules applied to him, when he sauntered into American Cannabis near SW 59th and South Western Ave. on Friday.

Via News 9:

An Oklahoma City man is behind bars at the Oklahoma County jail after he was accused of shooting at a local marijuana dispensary he was turned away from.


Employees said Michael Sexton, 28, got angry because they would not sell to him because he gave them a tribal card.

We’ve all forgotten our card and had to do the walk of shame. It sucks. I personally feel like a kid kicked out of a candy store. But the rules are the rules. I just go sit in my car, pout like a normal grown adult, and wait for Weed Dad to bring me my card.

“If you have your card we’ll be more than happy to take care of you.”

But not Sexton! He must of been in a particularly bad mood — maybe it was the socks with sandals? He needed his Mary Jane but only had a state drivers license and a Tribal ID card. No word on why he thought he could buy medical marijuana without a medical marijuana card.

Michael Sexton went to American Cannabis with a pistol instead of a card

American Cannabis dispensary co-owner Mel Graham told News 9 that when Sexton started to get upset when he was turned away, he continued to apologize profusely, telling Sexton “If you have your card we’ll be more than happy to take care of you.”

What happened next Graham did not expect, but luckily it was all caught on tape. Note: You’ll have to hop over to News 9 to watch the video, because they’re tricky that way.

Watch the full freak scene on News 9, which doesn’t believe in embedded videos

In the screenshot above, Sexton is actually pulling a pistol out of his pants. Why does he even have a pistol in his pants? We imagine it has something to do with overcompensating for not having the ton of sex his name might suggest.

What he did next makes Oklahoma really look like the Wild West of Weed.

More from News 9:

As Sexton pulled out of the parking lot, he pointed the gun out his window and fired into the air. He fired a second time and aimed it at Graham and another customer, who were standing at the front door.

Despite aiming at actual humans, no one was struck by either of Sexton’s bullets. Thank Zeus! We are grateful but not surprised to hear his aim is also disappointing.

Obviously, since the dumbass had shown American Cannabis his ID — and they had his license plate number on security footage — cops caught up with him a short time later. They arrested him on complaints of drive-by shooting and illegally owning a gun.

I sure hope he’s sleeping on a sticky mattress with no sheet. The wheels of justice turn slowly around here; thoughts and prayers Sexton lives to tell about his stay at the corrupt and deadly Oklahoma County Jail.

So what does dispensary owner Graham have to say about it?

“He’s definitely blackballed from American Cannabis for the rest of his life.”

I would never return to a place I shot up, anyway. But I also would never wear socks with sandals or stuff a pistol in my pants or try to buy medical marijuana without an OMMA card.

You can bet we’ll be following this story…

3 thoughts on “Only in Oklahoma: Wild West-Style Shootout at American Cannabis

  1. One of those liberals that think their above the law! You know the ones who burn and loot their own cities. When they don’t get their way!

  2. “ He must of been …” How about must HAVE been? I realize you’re in Oklahoma but c’mon. I’m a victim of an Oklahoma City public-school education, too, but I know better than that. And so should you.

    1. You broke the biggest rule of liberals. You assumed their personal sexual orientation. They mite not Identify as male. They may identify as an alien female cat or maybe a cat dog that has no sexual orientation.

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