We Found 32.4% THC ‘Wedding Cake’ – No Vows Required

It was one week ago that I was jettisoned into “middle-aged legend” status.

That was the day I sustained a non-specific, yet-to-be-diagnosed back injury, while attempting to put on my socks. Compression socks that had in fact been prescribed by my physician…

I needed a hard hitting indica and fast!

I headed down the road to The Joint Cannabis Co., set back in a strip of shops on the south side of NW 50th St. and Portland Ave. Normally I would walk there, smoke a joint along the way, and maybe stop for an Arbuckle Fried Pie. Not today! Today I had back pain, and it was strictly business.

Meet Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake flower grown by Cured Rite in Woodward, OK | Available at The Joint


At $15 a gram before tax, this strain was a bit pricey. Don’t fret, fine fellows! It was also available as a featured 1/8th for $30, alongside six other select strains. Remember, nine times out of 10 you get what you pay for. This was no different.


This particular batch of Wedding Cake, cultivated by Cured Rite out of Woodward, OK, tested out at a whopping 32.4% THC. Often when I see testing percentages this high, I am skeptical, but this particular one really did it for me!

Also known as “Pink Cookies,” Wedding Cake is a 60/40% indica-dominant cross of two dessert strains. The always tasty, slightly tangy, “Cherry Pie“ and world renown, high potency mastodon, “Girl Scout Cookies.”

This cake happens to be surprisingly low in calories, so I am just gonna have a bite…


4 out of 5 ????

I removed the wedding cake and looked it over. The bud was a collage of greens, yellows, light red and violet — reminiscent of turning leaves on an Autumn day. Although the buds were heavy with resin, they became less dense near the base. Personally, I would have trimmed this, but it was completely coated in trichomes and smoked perfectly fine. This stuff looked candied…even the thick orange hairs!


4 out of 5 ????

On the surface the smell of fuel stood out to me. Fuel with a tang. This was followed by the scent of fresh cream, or cake. As I broke the bud down further, the sweetness became more pronounced. This made way for lemon curd, apricot and figs to burst across my palate.


4 out of 5 ????

I am not sure if anything like this exists, but the smoke tasted like a fresh pastry with powdered sugar, drizzled in a hint of pine diesel fuel and topped with fresh cracked black pepper. Delicious! There was a bit of a tobacco-ish burn that was swept away by a delightfully sweet finish. This strain lived up to its name, with a decadent, full-bodied, dessert-worthy flavor!


5 out of 5 ?????

At first there was no head high. I felt no euphoria or elation. There was a slight heaviness in my eyelids that assured me something was happening. A bit of dry mouth…and then gradually the high washed over my body.

Eventually the high level of THC punches through my frown and lifts me from the negative disposition a painful injury can create.

The pain in my back began to subside. Although not gone entirely, it has moved to a manageable level. Eventually the high level of THC punches through my frown and lifts me from the negative disposition a painful injury can create.

Indica normally give me the munchies really bad! Not the case this time. I was able to function normally, albeit a bit more sluggishly than usual, and my thoughts were clear and concise.


4 out of 5 ????

The particular bud I received could have used a bit of a haircut, but trim says nothing about the strain itself. This choice was a no-brainer, and I am glad I didn’t miss out! It smelled exactly how i am accustomed to it smelling. The flower was sweet and gassy as ever, and it worked hard to ease my aches and pains.

If you have a chance to head over to The Joint to try this high-potency Wedding Cake, please do! Tell them The Happy Ogle sent you.

—P.S. Jingo’s back is feeling much better, and he thanks you all wholeheartedly for your genuine concern. 

Editor’s Note: The Joint is a Happy Ogle supporter ?. But we only write about weed we love, so if we tell you the bud is good, break out your bong.

4 thoughts on “We Found 32.4% THC ‘Wedding Cake’ – No Vows Required

  1. I’ve tried weeding cake it’s good. But for it to reach 32% someone cheated. I grow Zombie Haze averages 29% with some testing as high as 34.9%. and taste better two.

  2. I don’t test it, I just smoke it. As far as your Zombie Haze goes, if you grow commercially, hit me up and let’s make some $$.

    1. Looking at getting commercial after first of year. Have BK SS and AG flowering. Have SS and AG in veg as well as ZH and NL seedlings started. I create my own fem seed’s from dispensary bought clones and seeds.
      Have been growing my own stash sense the mid 70’s. May be looking for investors and buyer’s in spring. Already have many who want me to get com license so they can buy.

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