Oklahoma Lab Adapts to “Heavy Workload” by Allegedly Faking THC Test Results

When I was a kid (like three weeks ago), I’ll admit that I viewed cheating on tests as something of an art form. Why spend three hours studying, when you can spend four hours typing up all the answers in .3 sized font, to print out and roll into the hollow space of a pen — like a tiny Dead Sea Scroll of high school chemistry.

Was my cheating wrong? Absolutely, but at the end of the day, I only hurt myself. Unlike F.A.S.T. Laboratories here in Oklahoma, which is facing allegations of falsifying cannabis test results!

Via Tulsa World:

“A medical cannabis testing laboratory is the subject of an investigation by the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority amid allegations of falsifying product test results.


Agency officials confirmed F.A.S.T. Laboratories, which has its headquarters in Oklahoma City, has pending inquiries with the OMMA and the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs.”

Our cannabis program is beautiful. We are ALL aware that we benefit from the lenient rules that govern our system. However, at the end of the day, it is a medical program whose first priority is to deliver a safe product to those who truly need the medicinal benefits of cannabis.

Without accurate testing, all credibility goes out the window — right along my dryer sheet filtered cannabis smoke!

Thankfully, our overlords over at the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority seem to have our backs and are doing their jobs as Sheriff in this Wild West of cannabis.

After the allegations were brought to light, OMMA launched an official investigation into F.A.S.T. Labs and their owner, Kyle Felling.

What does this villainous fellow have to say for himself?

Felling submitted a statement to the World in which he said he was aware of a complaint and is fully cooperating with the OMMA. A previous Tulsa World article about laboratory testing quotes Felling as having said in October his company had tested in excess of 10,000 product samples and was able to adapt to a “heavy workload. “Given the ongoing nature of the investigation, we don’t think it would be appropriate to comment further at this time,” Felling said.”

Apparently, they adapted to their “heavy workload” by falsifying test results. Lazy lab logic like, If one batch of Blue Dream tests at 26-percent THC, let’s just presume all the batches of Blue Dream test at 26-percent THC — or something equally shady.

To play devil’s advocate, Even if F.A.S.T. Labs is falsifying test results, it only proves to highlight a larger issue with our program as it stands.

More from Tulsa World:

“F.A.S.T. Laboratories of Oklahoma City, which lists Felling as an email contact, is one of only about two dozen licensed laboratories listed in the OMMA’s public database, which was last updated on Wednesday.”

With the size of our cannabis industry and the amount of product that must, by law, be tested, it is absurd that Oklahoma has less than 25 labs to test all that product!

Either we need to smoke less weed, or we need more licensed laboratories. If anyone has a million bucks lying around, let’s start a lab! I know just reformed cheater to do the heavy lifting testing.

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