Best Deals to Beat Those Back-to-School Blues

Holy shit, this has been the most expensive back to school season EVER! I’ve spent all my unemployment money on back-to-school supplies, masks, iPads, laptops. But fret not, my fellow broke parents! There are great deals to be had on amazing marijuana products.

Let’s start up by hitting up Happy Ogle friends Fire Leaf at any of their seven locations with my favorite brunch situation ever:

Sunday Brunch Box: Grab a 5-pack of Outlaw Edibles Gummy Bites, 200mg Happy Sap AND one gram of premium flower for $35! Sounds like the perfect back to school gift for your “remote learning” home-school teacher. Wink, wink. Pick one up this Sunday, so they’re ready Monday morning.

Fire Leaf SW 104th: Zkittles Glue $150/Ounce. Good stuff.

New Patients Get 20% Off. If nothing on sale tickles your fancy, grab something top shelf, organically grown, and enjoy that 20% off.

…and a vape-lover’s deal from another dispensary that helps us keep the lights on.

Free Battery Kit: When you buy two Select Elite 1g carts at Stability, open 24/7. I know this, because I get their deal texts.

Everyone Loves a Good Joint

We recently reviewed The Joint’s 32.4% THC Wedding Cake; everyone knows their bud is legit, so let’s get that part out of the way.

$36.86 OTD eights on six select, top-shelf strains. No limits. My Weed Mom math tells me that’s $221.16 to try all six.

$203.41/$260 OTD Ounces. Two tiers to choose from, eight strains, hybrid, indica, sativa, oh my! You can even mix and match ounces, half and half.

Favorite Product, Best Price

I recently wrote about my love affair with Rancho Pura Verde’s RSO. They also kindly advertise. Don’t tell anybody BUT…Legal Limit Dispensary has Rancho RSO included in their 15% off Wednesdays concentrate sale, which knocks their already low price to $29.40Hey, Siri, remind me to…

Weed Mom’s Flower Deal of the Week

The cheapest isn’t always the best, and the most expensive isn’t always worth the money. Shop wise, my fellow pot heads.

GMO Cookies

The Heal 365 has a lot of flower specials this week. Top shelf $240/ounce OTD or $30 1/8th. It’s not a $100 deal, but I’m tired of digging through seeds and stems for barely enough flower for a joint. They also have specials on Cannabis Cup Winners, such as GMO Cookies 1/8th $35.

Best (Only?) Deal for Vaginas

Marijuana comes in A LOT of forms!! I get excited about basically all of them. 4/20 OHHH is 10ml of lube and 50mg of THC. $40 from Budz Dispensary in OKC. I cannot wait to get my vagina high!

Build Your Own Cupcake

Tina’s Build-a-Cake: 150mg for $23. Damn, Tina!! I know what I want for my birthday! Build-your-own Tina’s cupake! Kit comes with a cupcake, icing, chocolate, caramel, sprinkles, and a serving of ice cream. Everything except the ice cream and sprinkles are medicated. Perfect, again, for the distance-learning teacher in your home. We know you would never intentionally share any thing of any sort, but be sure to keep these cuties locked safely away from the kiddos.

—That wraps it up. I hope you found some deals and had a laugh.


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