Weed Deals to Celebrate Not Working This Labor Day!

Americans celebrate Labor Day by taking the day off? Not this girl — every day is my day off, thanks to unemployment!! This stoner is going to stock up on some quality flower and get her stoner hoodie dusted off and ready for some fall-weather walks. I suggest you all do the same.

Here are your curated weed deals for Labor Day weekend!

Blowout Sale on Perfect Ratio™ Products at Stability

In addition to the Perfect Ratio blowout sale featured in the image above — which includes 5-pack premium pre-rolls for $30! — Stability in OKC is running a“1788 Special:” BCxZC, Hibiscus Sunrise and ALL Popcorn Strains $17.88 per 1/8th plus tax. Fun Fact: 1788 was the year our constitution was ratified and also a leap year. 2020 is a year I’d like to skip all together.

Deals on Rancho Pura Verde Concentrates

I wrote recently about what a huge fan of Rancho Pura Verde’s RSO. Eden Cannabis Co. dispensary in OKC has a wide selection of their products at very reasonable prices. 1 Gram of Hash and Budder for $29.99. Eden also carries cookies, vape cartridges, and topicals all made from premium cannabis grown at Rancho Pura Verde’s medical grade Oklahoma farm.

The Joint is Lit: Tinctures, Edibles, Dabs, Oh my!

The Joint Cannabis Club in OKC has top-shelf flower for $150/ounce OTD!

They also have all tinctures & edibles BOGO 15% Off. Includes brands like Simple Cure, Natures Key, Owly, Mr. Mack’s and more. I suggest getting both edibles and tinctures, so you can eat and drink your weed.

$5 or 10% off Rancho Pura Verde concentrates! Also, Veterans Always Receive 10% Off. But really, shouldn’t they everywhere?

Leviathon Labor Day Sale at Fire Leaf

Fire Leaf is having a HUGE Labor Day Sale through Monday! 4/$15 pre-rolls, 4/$100 Oklahoma Dab Lab Dabbables (excludes live resin), and 3/$80 Oklahoma Dab Lab 1g carts.

You know how crazy lit 25mg Outlaw Edibles Gummi Bites are, right? Well, through Monday they are 5/$60 Outlaw Edibles 5-pack Gummi Bites, 5/$100 Outlaw Edibles 10-pack Gummi Bites, and spend $100 get a single pack of 100mg Woozie for a penny. Hell yeah!!

Now that we’ve paid some bills, let’s get to the fun stuff…

Weed Mom’s Flower Deal of the Week


Classen Kush House in downtown OKC has your flower deals this week, with lots of selection. $25 OTD Topshelf 1/8ths. I have my eye on some Skywalker as soon as Weed Dad can transport me. The head high it gives me makes me feel like a Jedi in training.

Take the Gun, Leave the Cannoli

Especially these!!! Thank you Ingrid!! Ingrid’s Special 3 for $35 at Eden Rose Dispensary. Each cannoli packs 100mg of THC. Ingrid also offers sugar-free cookies. How about some gluten free-vegan-nut-free-soy-free treats, Ingrid?

The Last Deal Ever on Products for Vaginas (Probably)

A 35mg Sacred Flower suppository™ is $15 at Green Health Clinic & Dispensary. These suppositories can technically go in either hole. I have heard good things about women using them for cramps, but I have no experience with that since, I’m a barren old woman. Suppositories can be used for other types of chronic pain as well.

Care to review, Croc?

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